Why Should RV Stand for “Ruined Vacation”? Let Me Show You How to Avoid It

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Have you ever taken a vacation where nothing seemed to go right? From hectic schedules to just plain bad moods, having a vacation turn sour can leave you needing a vacation, after your vacation!! I have put together a few tips to help your RV vacation not end being a “Ruined Vacation”.

Take Your Time To Avoid A Ruined Vacation

Plan your drive so you aren’t trying to tackle too much distance in one day, otherwise, when you arrive you will be completely wore out. Being tired and cranky can really put a damper on the fun. Also take your time when you are trying to get your RV set up. Rushing only leads to mistakes and very important steps being overlooked, which can be be costly.

Take Your Time
Take Your Time

Take Care Of The Small Issues While They Are Small

More often than not, small problems turn into bigger problems if you ignore them. Things like a low tire will most certainly turn into a much bigger issue if you have a blow out. Eliminate the stress before it gets out of hand.

Don’t Over Plan The Day

Taking on too many activities in one day can become very difficult, which leads back to the first item on this list, taking your time. Let your vacation unfold and let it happen. Being spontaneous can be a great way to build everlasting memories with your family. You don’t want to have a hike scheduled for 8 and canoe rentals at 9.

Arrive at Your Site Before Dark To Avoid A Ruined Vacation

If at all possible, try to arrive to your site before dark. Getting set up after the sun goes down has its own set of challenges. Backing into a site in the daylight is bad enough without compounding the frustrations of doing it in the dark. No light to little light situations can easily turn into serious damage to your rig. Your spotter may not see the pipe sticking out of the ground or that low hanging tree branch that just destroys your A/C unit. Talk about a ruined vacation before it really starts.

Use Convenient Gas Stations

Try to keep your fuel level above a quarter of a tank and stop at gas stations that are easy to pull in and out of. If you get too low on fuel, you may leave yourself in a situation where the only available pumps are very difficult to access with your rig. Truck stops are always a good option if they are available.

Have An Easy Meal Planned When You Arrive

Sandwiches and chips are usually our go-to meal after traveling. After a long drive nobody wants to spend more time cooking and cleaning. Make sure to pack plenty of food for your trip as well so you can save money by not eating out.

Get Needed Services Done Before Your Trip

Get things done before your vacation. Have the tires checked on both your rig and your tow vehicle and have them replaced if needed. And if the oil needs to be changed in your tow vehicle, get that done as well. Getting required services taken care of before your trip will save the headache of a breakdown or a blown out tire.

Check The Weather Forecasts

Check the weather on your planned route. Driving through a heavy storm is not fun, not to mention VERY STRESSFUL!! Just ask Kellie, she has witnessed it first hand. You can read all about that here.

Conclusion On How To Avoid A Ruined Vacation

And for an added bonus, LEAVE WORK AT WORK!! You ARE on vacation. Enjoy the sunsets and the sunrises. Listen to the birds as you relax under your canopy sipping your morning coffee. Meet your camping neighbors, you just might find some really cool people.

RVing is a wonderful way to travel. You get to see things that a lot of folks don’t and you get to have some pretty unique experiences along the way. Check out How To Rent n RV if you don’t yet have an RV but are looking to take that much needed vacation. Do you have any additional tips for stress free traveling? Let us know in the comments below.

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