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Types Of Coffee Makers For Campers; How Do You Take Your Coffee?

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One of the most popular morning rituals for adults is making that first cup of coffee. Even when we’re camping, coffee is still one of the most important parts of getting the day started. It is safe to say that your RV coffee maker is one of the most important appliances you can purchase. RV campers are well known for limited space. With that in mind, how do you choose the best coffee maker that fits your needs? In this article we are going to take a look at the different types of coffee makers for campers.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right coffee maker for your camper. How many people will be enjoying your wonderful pot of coffee? Do you prefer a slow brew or do you want your coffee as fast as you can get it? Will you be making your coffee over the campfire? And lastly, do you prefer your coffee so strong that when you take that first sip it wakes up your ancestors?

Drip Type Coffee Maker

coffee makers for campers

These are the most popular coffee maker on the market. Drip type coffee makers, like the 12 cup Mr. Coffee, are probably the most popular coffee maker sold. In fact, we use this coffee maker in our RV, and in our home. To make a pot of coffee, you simply place a filter in the basket, add coffee grounds, fill the reservoir with water, and wait. The coffee stays warm on the burner until you turn the coffee maker off. The strength of your coffee depends on the amount of coffee grounds you place in the filter. If you don’t want to wait for your coffee to brew, most drip type coffee makers come equipped with a built-in timer you can set to start at a given time the next morning. These coffee makers are particularly useful if you are making coffee for more than two people.

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Percolator Coffee Maker

You can get a coffee percolator that is electric or non-electric. The non-electric type is common among campers because you can brew your coffee using a campfire, or a camping stove. To brew coffee, you place your coffee grounds into a central basket, fill with water, and place on a heat source until the process is finished. The strength of your coffee will depend on the amount of coffee grounds, as well as the size of the grounds. If your grounds are too small your coffee will be more bitter. Coffee percolators are generally known for brewing stronger coffee than the traditional drip style coffee maker. So, there may be some trial and error before knowing exactly the right amount of grounds to water ratio.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

The most popular single serve coffee maker hands down is the Keurig. To make a quick cup of coffee, simply fill the reservoir, insert a pod, and get coffee in a matter of a minute or so. These coffee makers allow you to choose different flavors and strengths of coffee, as well as hot chocolate for the kiddos. But they are not very convenient if you are making coffee for more than two people. While they are compact, they are generally more expensive than a traditional 12 cup drip style coffee maker.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

pour over

Pour over coffee makers are the most lightweight and compact coffee makers for campers. The only equipment required are a cup and the pour over canister. These are great for camping as you can use the campfire to heat your water. To brew your coffee, simply place the canister on top of your cup, fill with coffee grounds, and pour hot water over the grounds. The hot water will seep through the grounds and drip into your cup. Like the single serve coffee makers, these are not recommended for more than two people because you will have to wait for each cup to brew before reusing the canister.

French Press Coffee Maker

french press

The most difficult coffee maker on the list to use is the French Press. Those that use a French Press swear by them, but they do require a bit of work on your part, and a bit of patience. To make a cup of coffee, you start by placing your coffee grounds in the bottom of the press and slowly pour in your hot water. Now you wait. Some manufacturers suggest 2 minutes while others suggest up to 4 minutes. After the recommended wait time, slowly press the plunger down forcing the hot water through the coffee grounds. If you press too fast you will send coffee grounds into your freshly brewed cup of joe. These types of coffee makers will need to be disassembled to wash after use, which doesn’t make them ideal for campers.

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Instant Coffee

And finally, instant coffee. Kellie and I used instant coffee for years while we were camping just for the simplicity of it. The only thing you need is a hot pot of water and a couple of coffee cups. Like the pour-over coffee makers, you can heat your water on a stove or the campfire, whichever you prefer. In my opinion, anything heated or cooked on a campfire just seems to taste better.

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Conclusion On Coffee Makers For Campers

As we stated at the beginning of this article, choosing the right coffee maker for your camper is a very important decision. Consider how much space you have, and if you will be using electricity or not. All of the types of coffee makers listed above will provide you with that perfect cup of coffee to enjoy while you’re trying to get your day started. It all comes down to preference. The most important question to ask is, how do you take your coffee?

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