Traveling With Dogs, The Easy Way

traveling with dogs

As the owners of five dogs, we know first hand that traveling with your furry friends can be a very rewarding experience. Afterall, they like going on trips too. Our dogs seem to know exactly what’s going on as soon as they see the RV getting packed up. Unfortunately for us we can’t take all five dogs with us at once. Our dog House HAS to go so we can monitor his diabetes and ensure he is getting his insulin shots twice a day.

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We have a three-day maximum for RV trips right now. We are blessed to have a neighbor who keeps an eye on the other dogs while we are away.

Kellie and I have been camping with our dogs as far back as the tent and tarp days. Here are a few easy tips for making traveling with your dogs a success.

Traveling With Dogs

Check The Park’s Dog Policy Before Traveling With Your Dog

Make sure you know the park’s dog policy before arriving. Most parks welcome pets and often have a few rules. The most popular pet rule is the leash rule. A good leash is a must as it will keep your friend from running off or getting into a not-so-friendly argument with another dog.

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Pack All Essential Medications

Along with food, be sure to pack all necessary meds your pet might be taking. This is a HUGE rule for us. We would be “up a river” if we forgot House’s insulin and his diabetic dog food. Kellie and I made sure these were added to our camping checklist after his diagnosis. It’s not a bad idea to pack extras just in case something happens.

Never Leave Your Dog Unattended

When you are traveling with dogs, be sure to take take your pet with you when you go out. They like to go sight seeing as much as you do, plus the exercise will be good for them. If you absolutely must leave them behind, be sure to leave the A/C or heater on for them. It can get very hot, or cold, in your RV and be very dangerous for your pet. Be sure to leave them a toy to play with as well. You definitely do not want to come back to a disaster. Check the park rules, some parks prohibit leaving pets unattended.

Clean Up After Your Pet

When you take your buddy out for the morning walk, be sure to pick up after they do “the business”. Nobody wants to step in a fresh pile of “business” while out on a walk. It’s unsightly as well.

I.D. Your Pet

Make sure you have an updated tag on your pet’s collar. It’s a good idea to leave your name and phone number on the tag in case they happen to wander off. Keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date as well. Kellie and I haven’t ran in to it yet, but some parks do require this.

Conclusion On Traveling With Dogs

With these easy steps, planning your next adventure with your pet will be a breeze. Make sure you have them covered from toys, to food, to meds. Did I leave anything out? If so, please leave a comment and let us know.

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