Texas State Parks Pass. Why You Should Have One.

Texas State Parks Pass

With camping season coming up, Kellie and I are always looking for ways to save a few bucks here and there. One great way we do this is by renewing our Texas State Parks Pass every year. We have been active cardholders for a few years now. The cost of the pass is $70 and the savings is more than enough to pay for the card in just two camping trips. Note: We are not endorsed by or affiliated with TPWD. We just want to let you know about the savings you receive with the pass.

Texas State Parks Pass
The New Texas State Parks Pass

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What is a Texas State Parks Pass?

It is a pass that is good for one year and gives you unlimited free entry to all 80+ of the State Parks. The money you can save just on entry fees alone makes it worthwhile to have one. Day use fees vary from park to park, however Brazos Bend State Park charges $7 per person. If you have a family of four you are about to drop $28 just for the day. If you are planning to stay overnight in your RV, the cost just go up from there. You will be paying around $20-$25 per day for the site plus the day use fee. You can see how quickly those charges can add up.

What discounts will I get?

As we mentioned above, all entrance fees are free. This includes everyone that is in your vehicle. The cardholder must be in the vehicle as well. You will have to show ID since there is no name on the card. If you happen to be on foot, on a motorcycle, or bicycle, up to 14 people the same way.

You will also receive discounts on camp sites. If you plan to stay two or more nights, the second night is half price. This includes all campsites and screened shelters.

A great example of the savings for Kellie and I are camping for two nights. The RV site we typically stay at costs us $37.50 for two nights. At regular price the site would cost us $50, plus $14 per day in entrance fees. All together we save $40.50 in one camping trip. The pass pays for itself with just two camping trips. I would say that’s a pretty good deal. Think of the savings for a family of four!!

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Where Do I Get One?

You can buy your Texas State Parks Pass at any State Park. You can also order online or by calling Texas Parks and Wildlife at (512) 389-8900. We always buy ours on our first trip to the park.

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Other Texas State Parks Passes Offered

Texas Parks and Wildlife offers a few different passes to fit your needs as well.

  • Texas Parklands Passport – for seniors, veterans, and disabled
  • Youth Group Annual Pass – for non-profit youth groups
  • Restricted Annual Activity Pass – for activities at specific parks
  • Gift Cards

So, if you are planning to do any RV camping or tent camping at any of the State Parks, there is a pass for everyone. If you are looking for tips for a short weekend trip, check out our post here.

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