Surfside Beach RV Parks

A Complete Visitor’s Guide To Surfside Beach RV Parks And Local Restaurants

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Surfside Beach is located 65 miles south of Houston, Texas. It is a well known beach to locals so it’s not quite as busy as Galveston Beach. There is no seawall filled with tourist attractions but there are some great restaurants and plenty of places to camp. We usually see several RVs boondocking right on the beach. That’s free camping at it’s best. If you are looking for something more on the lines of concrete pads and a little further from the water, then this post is for you. We are going to cover the best Surfside Beach RV parks as well as a few local attractions.

Kellie and I spent the day doing some recon on all of the RV parks at Surfside Beach. I know that’s a terrible way to spend the day, right? We even hit one of our favorite beach front restaurants to grab some lunch and watch the waves roll in. We wanted to put together a list of the RV parks that we think are the best and give you a little guide to Surfside Beach. Our sticks and bricks home is located around 30 miles north of the beach. So this gives us the opportunity to visit often. We only recommend restaurants that we have had lunch or dinner at. (there are some great places to eat)

Surfside Beach RV Parks

When it comes to RV parks, the Freeport area is in no short supply. The chemical plants often have long-term jobs going on. Workers on these jobs tend to travel from plant to plant up and down the coast. RVs are their preferred method of travel, hence the abundance of RV parks. We are going to focus mainly on the RV parks that are along Blue Water Highway at Surfside Beach.

Surfside Beach
View From Beachfront Deck Bar and Grill

Beachfront RV Resort

As the name implies, this RV resort is right on the beach. The property is literally 55′ from the sand of the beach. You can’t get much closer than that. All sites are full hook-up and most are on concrete pads. There is a restaurant that is owned by the same folks right next door. We will get to that. Under the restaurant you can hang out in hammocks, play washers, have some adult beverages, or just chill and watch the waves. If you see a skinny older gentleman with a parrot on his shoulder, that’s Bob. He’s the owner of the RV resort and the restaurant.

Large Adirondack Chair
Colorful Parrot
Parrot at Beachfront Deck Bar and Grill

They have different rates for winter and summer. You can check rates here. If you are traveling with your pets, be sure to call ahead or check their website for any restrictions. If you are needing a golf cart for the weekend, they have those for rent as well.

Blue Water RV Resort

Blue Water Resort is located a little further east of Surfside but it is definitely worth adding to this list. It sits right in the middle of Surfside Beach and Galveston Beach. This is a gated resort and has access to both the bay as well as the beach. All sites are on concrete pads and are full hook-up. Most sites are back-in but they do have a few that are pull-through. Some of the canal sites even have a private dock.

Blue Water RV Resort is one of many surfside beach rv parks

The resort also has on on-site store for any snacks or essentials you might need. And if you have the need to wash up a load of laundry, there is an on-site laundromat as well. If you aren’t into the whole sandy beach vibe, they have a swimming pool on site. You can check rates here.

The Breeze Hotel And RV Park

The Breeze is one of the smaller RV parks on Surfside. They have a 4 room hotel and 12 RV sites. All sites have concrete pads and full hook-ups. All but 3 of the sites are back-in. The pull-through sites are located in the middle of the park.

The Breeze RV Park

If you are into crabbing, there is a crabbing pier across the street. Make sure you check local and state fishing requirements. To make reservations and to check out the park map, click here.

As we discussed at the top of this post, there are several RV parks located at Surfside Beach. We highlighted the top 3. Now, on to the restaurants…

Surfside Beach Restaurants

From cheeseburgers to sandwiches, salads to seafood, the restaurants at Surfside Beach have you covered. We have eaten at a few of the places and I will highlight the places we thought were the best.

Seahorse Bar and Grill

Kellie took me here for my birthday dinner this year. I had been wanting to go and we finally made it. We sat on the deck overlooking the beach. The wind was blowing our menus off the table, but hey, you’re at the beach right? They have inside dining as well with a bar if you want a cocktail with your meal. They offer mainly burgers and appetizers but they do have shrimp on the menu as well.

Seahorse Bar And Grill
image by Seahorse Bar and Grill
Seahorse Bar and Grill Deck
image by Seahorse Bar and Grill

Beachfront Deck Bar And Grill

This is the restaurant that is tied to Beachfront RV Resort. As a matter of fact, they share a parking lot. I have to give this place a 5 star rating when it comes to the food. If you like oysters, this is the place to go. I have had the half-shell oysters and the oysters rockefeller. I HIGHLY recommend the rockefeller. Last time we were there, Kellie had the philly cheesesteak sandwich and she said it was the best she has ever had. I can’t say enough about the food here.

Surfside Beach Restaurant
Kellie and I at Beachfront Deck Bar and Grill

There is indoor dining as well as a patio overlooking Surfside Beach. Under the restaurant is a place to hang out, play some games, and just relax. Oh yeah, they have some pretty great cocktails as well. Don’t forget to look out for Bob. If you see him working in the restaurant, stop him and say hello.

Dorado’s Dive Club

Dorado’s Dive Club is located on the Intracoastal Waterway and is a great place to kick back, enjoy the deck, and fill up on some great food. It’s not the same atmosphere you would find at the other restaurants on this list, but if you are looking for someplace to unwind and enjoy a few cocktails, you might want to check them out.

Upstairs you will find your traditional restaurant seating while downstairs you will find more of a beachy bar type vibe.

Dorado's Dive Club
Kellie and I at Dorado’s Dive Club

Check out the short video below of our quick road trip to Dorado’s.

Conclusion On Surfside Beach RV Parks

So when you plan your next getaway to the coast of Texas, plan to swing by Surfside Beach. There is plenty to do and plenty to eat. And, if you are looking to hit Galveston Beach while you’re here, it’s just a few minutes down the road. I’m sure you will have fun. Check out our post 5 Completely Free Things To Do In Galveston, Texas.

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