Sommerville Lake

Somerville Marina and Campground, Somerville, Texas

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Somerville Marina and Campground was the first place we visited when we picked our 2018 Kodiak from the dealer. We had drove through the park a few months before on our way home from staying at another park. The park host was kind enough to let us scope out the RV spots to find the perfect spot.

The park is a little older than most but has several RV spots to choose from. The first thing we noticed is that the spots weren’t angled for easier back-in. We had the 26′ Hi-Lo at the time and I wasn’t sure I could get it backed in with the spots being so close together. Luckily we found a spot at the very end as the dirt road made a curve that would allow us to pull ahead and back straight in. We stopped at the marina on the way out and made our reservations for that particular spot.

So, as our reservation weekend got closer, we decided to pack up the Hi-Lo for the trip. That’s when it decided it didn’t want to raise anymore. You can read all about that story here.

Arriving in Houston

We were scheduled to pick up our Kodiak on the same day as the reservation, which meant a long day ahead for us. We had to drive to the south side of Houston, do the paperwork and the walk-thru, then drive to the north side of Brenham to the park. The weather was forecasting rain throughout the day and thankfully it held off until after we left the dealership because we had everything packed in the back of the truck. Before we left the RV dealer, we pulled around to the front parking lot and transferred everything to the RV.

When we got to the other side of Houston it hit me. I didn’t remember seeing the tech put the electrical cord in the RV. Needless to say I panicked and pulled into the nearest parking lot. While Kellie was on the phone with Bob, our salesman, I looked in the storage compartment, NO CORD!! I did happen to find it in my panicky fury. It was inside the rig laying on the floor beside the bed. Phew!!

After calming down and letting my blood pressure return to normal, we were back on the road, heading directly into a very bad storm. Keep in mind that until now I had only pulled the Hi-Lo which is very streamlined when it’s lowered. I had never experienced pulling a big box on wheels. The stress starting kicking in again as we approached the storm and the wind stated picking up, blowing us all over the road. ( That’s how it seemed to me ).

As we were leaving Brenham, Texas the rain got pretty heavy and visibility was almost non-existent from all of the spray from the semi-truck tires around us. That’s when it happened, the “pucker factor”. An 18-wheeler passed us like we were just sitting still. I literally thought we were being pushed into the ditch. But, after that incident, all went well. The park entrance was just a couple more miles down the road.

Arriving at Somerville Marina and Campground

We checked in, drove to our spot, and got backed in. After all of the rain the RV park was a muddy mess. As usual in southern Texas, the rain started back up again as we were getting unhooked and trying to get set up.

I grabbed the “previously lost” cord and found out that with this being an older RV park, the hookups to our site were on the opposite side of our RV. The hookups were in between two adjoining spots. Our cord was short by just under 15 feet. By this time we were both soaking wet and asking ourselves, “Why didn’t we just cancel?”

Kellie and I thought for a minute and remembered when we came to check out the park, we visited the marina. They have almost anything you might need for your RV. I called them and asked if they had another cord. And to my surprise they did, off to the marina we went.

Somerville Marina
House napping by the RV

They had the cord at the counter waiting for us and the very nice lady working told us that they sell ALOT of those cords. Yeah, I bet they do.

Once we were all hooked up and level, we were just ready to chill out, and after changing clothes and drying off we did just that. We grabbed our chairs, sat underneath the canopy, and watched it rain for the rest of the day.

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We woke up the next morning to have coffee and noticed that some tent campers had arrived overnight and had to set up barely 10 feet from our “front porch”. It wasn’t any fault of theirs; the spots are just that close together. The campers were Jim and his daughter Linda. Linda’s son Stephen was also with them. We all got along great and before the weekend was over, we had already made plans to camp together again at Barefoot RV Park.

somerville marina
Boat Parade, Somerville Lake

Conclusion On Somerville Marina And Campground

Overall the weekend was great. We had a good time and met some really nice people along the way. The folks at the marina were very helpful and a pleasure to talk to. The RV sites sit just on top of a small hill that leads right to the edge of Somerville Lake. We took our popup canopy down and put it in the water with our chairs and just relaxed the weekend away, we even got to check out a boat parade.

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With all of that said, if you are ever around Somerville, Texas, stop in and check it out. And if you are passing through on HWY 36, stop for a bite to eat at Mama’s Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

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