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5 Best Sleeping Bags For Couples In 2023

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Are you the type of person that likes to snuggle with your sweetheart while camping? Whether it’s cold outside or you just get lonely while you’re sleeping, one-person sleeping bags just don’t have enough room for two. If you enjoy camping in the back of your truck or are more of a pop-up camper type, there is a sleeping bag for you.

There are numerous options when it comes to sleeping bags for couples and there is one that is a perfect fit for you and your honey. In this post we are going to cover the 5 best sleeping bags for couples and give you a few tips for choosing the one that best fits your needs. Let’s jump in.

Best Budget Friendly Sleeping Bag For Couples

sleepingo sleeping bag for two
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The Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag is the best lightweight sleeping bag for the budget minded couple. In addition to being completely waterproof, this queen-sized sleeping bag measures 87 inches by 59 inches giving this sleeping bag plenty of room for two adults. If you plan to camp with your sweetheart, throw this two-person sleeping bag in the bed of a truck, in a tent in the backyard, or in a camper and you will have a warm, cuddly, and dry night’s sleep.

If it’s not the right time to snuggle, this double sleeping bag will unzip to create two-single sized sleeping bags. By being able to separate this double sleeping bag into two single bags, it offers more versatility at a premium price.

The Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag packs down easily into a compact bag leaving more room for the rest of your camping gear.

This sleeping bag for couples also comes with two pillows which means you don’t have to tote or pack extra gear.

If you have been looking for a lightweight, washable, durable sleeping bag for two, look no further.

Some additional features of the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag Are:

  • Perfect for mild temperatures, although it is rated for temperatures as low as 32 degrees
  • Waterproof outer shell is made of a camping grade polyester fabric that doesn’t tear
  • Inner lining is made of a combination of cotton and tetron
  • Total weight – 3 pounds

Best Sleeping Bag For Tall Couples

big agnes dream island 15 sleeping bag for couples
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This sleeping bag was designed with couples in mind. It is large enough to sleep two adults and even a small dog comfortably. The Big Agnes Dream Island 15 is a three-season sleeping bag that will give you a great night’s sleep in any weather condition. It is rated for temperatures as low as 15 degrees, however, that is including an equally rated sleeping bag pad.

The Dream Island 15 features FireLine Max insulation which is a 50%, post-consumer recycled material that is designed to keep you warm and cozy.

With a total length of 6 feet, 6 inches, even the tallest of campers will have no problem fitting inside this two-person sleeping bag. In addition, this sleeping bag only weighs 7 pounds, 9 ounces and fits conveniently inside a “stuff bag” for easy packing.

Another great feature of this double sleeping bag is the internal cinch string that gives you the ability snug the opening from inside the bag.

Some additional features of the Big Agnes Dream Island 15 are:

  • Designed to drape over you and your sweetheart like your comforter at home
  • Ideal or tent camping or car-camping, especially in the bed of a truck
  • Includes a “pillow barn” to keep your pillows in place through the night
  • Two-way, full-length, anti-snag zippers

Best-In-Size Sleeping Bag For Two

teton sports mammoth double sleeping bag
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The Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is not the best choice for hiking. With a total weight of 16.5 pounds, this two-person sleeping bag is slightly heavier than the others in this list. However, this sleeping bag is perfect for car-camping or tent camping.

The mummy style of this bag makes it perfect for snuggling on those cooler nights. Not a good night for cuddling? No problem. Simply unzip the top from the bottom and you have two separate sleeping bags.

This huge couples sleeping bag features a brushed poly-flannel lining and a durable Taffeta outer shell.

If you are looking for a two-person sleeping bag for truck camping in the back-country, the Teton Sports Mammoth is he way to go.

Some additional features of the Teton Sports Mammoth:

  • Total size: 94 inches by 62 inches
  • The featured mummy hood keeps your head off the ground
  • Full length, two-way, anti-snag zippers
  • Added padding along the zippers and around the shoulders keep drafts out
  • Comes with “stuff bag” for easy packing

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag For Couples

Teton Sports Tracker Double Sleeping Bag
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At 8.2 pounds, the Teton Sports Tracker is much lighter than the Mammoth making it ideal for hiking. This two-person sleeping bag features mummy hoods and a footbox that is designed to give you plenty of wiggle room for your feet.

This ultra-light sleeping bag is designed to keep a couple warm and cozy on the coldest nights. While most mummy hoods may leave your ears exposed, the Teton Sports Tracker features a 3 piece, no-gap hood that contours to your face. This design tightly tucks around your head eliminating potential heat loss.

The double-zipper design allows you to get out of the bag without disturbing your sweetheart in the middle of the night.

Some additional features of the Teton Sports Tracker:

  • Features PolarLite insulation with an addition layer in the foot box
  • Full-length, anti-snag zippers with baffles for keeping out cold drafts
  • 86.5 inches by 63 inches at widest point, 44 inches at most narrow point
  • Interior stash pockets for keeping your valuables safe

Couples Sleeping Bag With The Most Features

Kelty Tru.Comfort Double Sleeping Bag
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The Ketly Tru.Comfort 20 is perfect for any kind of camping you can imagine. From tent camping to car-camping to camping in your pop-up camper, this bag is built with comfort in mind.

To keep you and your partner cozy and warm, this sleeping bag features CloudLoft insulation that keeps heat inside the bag. In addition, Ketly Tru.Comfort 20 features permanently attached side blankets that allow each camper to add, or remove, layers as needed. In warmer weather, this sleeping bag has the option to completely unzip and remove the top layer.

Some additional features of the Ketly Tru.Comfort:

  • Oversized hood is perfect for bringing your pillows from home
  • At 64 inches wide by 84 inches long, this double sleeping bag is perfect for couples
  • Customized temperature options
  • Stuff sack included for easy packing

Things To Consider

Before purchasing a sleeping bag for two, there are a few things to consider. For example, the time of year you will be doing most of your camping will determine what temperature rating and insulation type you will need. Are you are looking for a wider sleeping bag with room to stretch out, or are you looking for a tighter fit? Will you be hiking deep in the wilderness or sleeping in the back of your Jeep Gladiator on the beach? Keep these things in mind when shopping for a couple’s sleeping bag.

Temperature Rating

When choosing a couple’s sleeping bag, choose a bag that is rated or the coldest temperature you expect to be camping in. Keep in mind that you can always unzip if your sleeping bag feels too warm. The three most popular temperature ratings for sleeping bags are:

  • Summer- 30 degrees and higher
  • 3 Season – 15 to 30 degrees
  • Winter – 15 degrees and lower

With that said, temperature ratings for sleeping bags are based on the “average camper”. Other factors that will affect how well you will sleep are wind, humidity, sleeping pad, and more.


Sleeping bags come in three basic shapes, or styles. Each shape has its own benefits so choose the shape that best fits your needs as a couple. These shapes are rectangle, mummy, and spoon, aka semi-rectangle.

  • Rectangle – These sleeping bags allow for maximum space, allowing the campers to stretch out. Some also feature a removable top that can be used as a blanket making this shape the best sleeping bag for side sleepers.
  • Mummy – These sleeping bags look just like the name suggests. The mummy shape is designed to retain heat. With the snug fit, there is less bag to heat and less heat loss than a rectangle sleeping bag.
  • Spoon – Also known as the semi-rectangle, these sleeping bags are right in the middle. They offer warmth as well as room to stretch out while sleeping.

Extra Features

Some extra features to consider when choosing the best couples sleeping bag are zippers, pillow barns, and stash pockets.

Some sleeping bags offer anti-snag zippers by shielding or guarding the full length of the zipper. I addition, sleeping bags with double zippers allow for each camper to individually adjust their temperature.

Pillow barns are an added feature of some sleeping bags that keep your pillow securely in place overnight.

Stash pockets are great for storing such things like watches, cell phones, or other valuables.


Sure, sleeping in a double sleeping bag sounds romantic, but sometimes it’s just not a good night for snuggling. Look, I get it. Kellie and I have been sleeping beside each other for the better part of 24 years. I wouldn’t trade her for her weight in gold. However, there are those hot, humid nights when there needs to some real estate between us. For us, the rectangle shape with removable top is the best option.

What are your thoughts on sleeping bags for couples? Have you used any of these listed? If so, let us know in the comments below and tell us about it.

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