QUACOWW 10pcs Air Conditioner Fin Cleaner Set – Stainless Steel Air Refrigerator Fin Cleaner Whisk Brush,Applicable to…

【Air Conditioner Fin Cleaner Set】 include 3 different fin comb condenser fin straightener and 2 different brush condenser, 10 pieces in total, on the which can solve your using problems at one time, bringing your life with more convenience
【Practical Design】the fin comb is made of plastic, and the teeth are about a quarter of an inch deep, which is applied to straighten old fins on condenser; This fin comb tool repairs bent fins and air conditioning condenser brush can clean up the dirt on it, so your tools will run with top efficiency and clean evaporator and condenser on an air conditional
【High Quality Material】quality stainless steel material, suitable for in line condenser; When applied, pull the holder inward and insert the brush’s curved head inward to clean the dust or straighten the deformed condenser

Amazon.com Price: $17.99 (as of 10/01/2023 15:26 PST- Details)