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Why Upgrading Your RV Door Locks Is A Smart Investment

Did you know that roughly 90% of all RV door locks have the same key?

While you and your family are away from the RV, your travel trailer is an easy target for theft. I would say that the vast majority of fellow RVers are stand up, honest people. However, don’t think that a break-in can’t happen to you.

To keep your family, and your valued possessions secure, you might want to consider upgrading your RV door locks. Why? Because thieves already know that an unoccupied RV is an easy target.

In this post we are going to answer a few questions about RV door locks, how to replace them, and throw in a few suggested lock upgrades.

Let’s jump in…

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Are All RV Door Locks Keyed The Same?

Yes. Most factory installed RV door locks and basement storage compartments are keyed the same. You will, however, find differences when it comes to motorhome ignitions and some higher end RVs.

But why?

First, it eliminates the need for salesmen to carry multiple keys while showing potential buyers new RVs.

Second is money. It is far less expensive for RV manufacturers to install mass produced locks instead of installing different locks for every RV.

set of common rv keys

After you purchase your RV, one of the first things you can do to increase your RVs security is to change, or upgrade, the door locks. It may be unlikely for you to run into crooks at your favorite campground. However, don’t be naïve enough to think you will never encounter one. The last thing you want to happen on your epic camping trip is to come back to your RV and find that all your gear has vanished.

How To Upgrade Your RV Door Lock?

Upgrading your RV door locks is a simple task that can be handled by any DIYer. All you need is a few basic tools and a little bit of time.

In fact, most RV door locks can be changed in about 10 minutes with a basic screwdriver.

First, remove the strike plate and the screws on the inside holding the door handle in place.

RV Door Lock
Upgrading your RV door locks increases security

Once you have the old lock removed, dry fit your new RV lock to ensure it will fit. This might be a good time to inspect the area around the lock for any signs of water damage, etc.

Once you have checked the fit and made sure the deadbolt will line up with the existing holes, install your new lock in the reverse order.

  • NOTE: You may have to adjust the strike plate for the new deadbolt.

How To Change RV Basement Storage Locks

The basement storage locks on most travel trailers use a CH751 key. Did you just check your key? Am I right?

There is a silver lining to having the same key as the majority of other RVers. If you lose your key or get locked out, you can always ask your camping neighbor to borrow their keys.

inside of an RV storage compartment lock
RV basement storage lock

However, if you want to make sure your camping and RV gear is secured, you might consider upgrading these RV door locks as well. The added peace of mind and security is well worth the minimal investment.

Changing your basement storage locks is as easy as changing your RV door locks, and takes the same amount of time.

On the back side of the lock is a thin nut that holds the lock in place. Remove that nut with a wrench or adjustable pliers, remove the lock, and install the new lock in reverse order. Of course, you always want to dry fit the new locks first to ensure a proper fit.

Best Replacement RV Door Locks

Like we stated above, your RV or camper already has a set of door locks. However, most RV door locks can be opened with either a master key or a neighbor’s key. Upgrading your door locks is an inexpensive way to increase the security of your RV and protect your investment. Before purchasing a replacement RV door lock, do your research to ensure you get one that fits your RV.

Do you prefer a keyed entry door lock or a keyless? While the keyless door lock is more expensive, some campers love the idea of not fumbling for keys in the dark or when they have an armful of groceries.

Some have even claimed that the reason they went with the keyless version is to get in out of the rain faster. Simply hit the button and run through an already unlocked door.

Latch.It RV Door Lock

The most common RV door lock replacement is the Latch.It RV Door Latch. This lock is extremely durable and features 100% metal construction. In addition, this RV door lock uses waterproof technology to handle the harshest weather, while providing a rust proof finish.

This RV door lock kit comes with four keys, four different length screws, and all mounting hardware. Not only does this door lock fit most campers, but it is also compatible with 5th wheels, travel trailers, and even some horse trailers.

latch.it travel trailer door lock

Latch.It RV Keyless Entry Lock

If you are looking for the keyless option, Latch.It also carries an extremely durable keyless entry door lock kit. Like the door lock listed above, the keyless version features 100% metal construction with the same waterproof technology and the same rust proof finish.

The Latch.It keyless entry door lock kit comes with two key fobs, 4 AA batteries, two keys, and all mounting hardware.

latch.it keyless rv door lock

Best RV Basement Storage Locks

RV basement storage locks are available in three different configurations. The first being the cabinet cam lock, much like the lock you currently have. This option is more secure than your current locks because the key is different. Sure, you could carry your locks down to a local locksmith and have them re-keyed. However, the cost of re-keying vs. replacement is something to consider.

cabinet cam style rv storage lock

The next option for RV basement storage locks are tubular cam locks. These RV door locks use a round key, much like the ones you used to see on the old vending machines. If a crook were to see one of these locks on your RV, there is no way he is going to stick around.

latch.it tubular style rv basement lock

The final option for your basement storage locks is the combination cam lock. These locks use a three-digit combination that you set; no key involved.

combination type rv storage compartment lock

In Conclusion

Upgrading your RV door locks will not only provide you with added security, but it will also give you peace of mind while traveling. Keep in mind, you will not always be near your camper and chances are, you won’t always be at a friendly RV campground either.

You have made a huge investment when you purchased your RV and acquired all the gear associated with it. Don’t fall victim to the cowardly crooks by giving them an easy score. Protect what you worked for.

What are you thoughts on upgrading your RV locks? Have you already made the change? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know.

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