RV Security: Surprise!! Your Locks Are Completely Worthless

CH751 Key RV Security

Could I get you to do me a favor real quick? Look at your RV storage compartment key. Is it a CH 751? So is mine. Actually, over 60% of all RVs have that exact key for the storage compartments. RV security is not what we all think it should be.

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CH751 Key RV Security

I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true. I actually took my Kodiak storage compartment key and unlocked the storage compartment of a 1999 Hi-Lo.

Lost Keys While Camping

If you happen to misplace or lose your keys while camping, chances are your neighbor will have the same key. If not, check with the park host or the main office. They may have a set that will fit.

Why The Same Key

RV manufacturers typically key all RVs with similar keys to save money. Instead of making millions of locks with different keys, they mass produce the same lock, with the same key. RV dealers have a Master Key so they don’t have to carry rings of different keys like say a car lot. Take a look at your RV main door lock. Does it have an “M” stamped on it? That is the designation for “Master”.

RV Door Lock

Upgrade To Improve Security

Should you upgrade your RV locks? Will it keep thieves out? I doubt it. If a thief wants to get inside your RV, there isn’t much that’s going to stop them. My dad used to tell me that a lock only keeps an honest man honest. If a thief wants inside your car, house, or anything else, the lock isn’t going to stop them.

Thieves at RV campgrounds are few and far between. Yes, there are those instances where you have something come up missing. Personally I am replacing the locks on our Kodiak because I would like to know that my neighbor can’t just come over and unlock my RV.

Would you feel comfortable knowing the keys to your home could possibly be in the hands of thousands of people?

Replacement Locks

There are a few different styles of replacement locks to choose from. There are the standard keyed locks, combination locks, and utility cam locks. The utility cam locks are going to be the most secure, in my opinion. It’s all in what your needs and preferences are.

While your at it, you might want to upgrade your door locks as well.

Types Of RV Door Locks

There are several different styles of RV door locks to choose from. Again, this is all dependent on your needs. There are the standard keyed locks, keyless entry locks, and keyless with keyed deadbolt.

Changing RV Locks Is Easy

Changing out the locks on your RV is pretty straight forward and might possibly be one of the easiest upgrades you can do. The storage compartment locks will simply slide out once you remove the nut on the backside of the lock. Insert the new lock and tighten the nut back down.

RV Security

Replacing the door lock is fairly straightforward as well. Remove the four screws from the flange on the inside of the door and the two screws from the strike plate. It should almost fall out now. Follow the manufacturers instructions on installing the new lock.

RV Door Lock

Conclusion For RV Security

When it all comes down to it, replacing or upgrading your RV locks is all a matter of comfort and trust. Do you feel comfortable leaving your belongings stored in a place where most people have a key? You may not store valuable equipment in your RV storage like your weight distribution hitch or extra power cords.

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