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RV Rentals. How To Make Extra Cash Renting Your RV.

If there is one thing we all have in common, it is the never ending goal of making extra money. RV rentals are becoming a great way to make extra cash with little to no effort. Most RVs actually spend most their the time in the driveway or sitting in a storage unit across town. We all want to take them out more than we do. Life happens, we get busy with weekend chores, home maintenance, work, etc. Sometimes we just do not have the time to go out.

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airstream, rv, camping

Who Is Looking For RV Rentals?

As RV ownership increases year to year, so does the need for RV rentals. Several people that are looking to buy an RV are wanting to rent first. They have the opportunity to try several different types and sizes to find one that will suit their needs. So, people would rather rent an RV for the few times they go camping with friends and family.

How Much Money Can You Make?

I have seen several articles claiming $30,000 a year potential income from RV rentals. I’m sure there are a few who make that much. I feel pretty certain those are the exception, not the rule. There are certain factors that determine how much extra cash you can make. One factor is the type of rig you have. Another factor is how often you are willing to rent it out. Below is a list of average rental prices through online rental services.

RV TypeDaily RentalWeekly Rental
Toy Hauler$75-$175$525-$1225
5th Wheel$85-$250$595-$1750
Travel Trailer$50-$250$350-$1750
Class A$150-$1200$1050-$8400
Class B$60-$400$420-$2800
Class C$115-$600$805-$4200
Average RV Rental Prices

As you can see, the potential is there to make a lot of extra cash. Listing your RV online is easy and free. RV Share is one of the largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplaces in the country. Currently they have more than 100,000 listings. But don’t let that hold you back. There is always room for more.

How RV Rentals Work

First you head over to RV Share and list your RV with a photo and description. As people search in your area, they send you a reservation request that you review. After that you meet the renter, walk them through a quick demo, and they are on their way.

Every rental listing is covered by $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage and up to $200,000 in comprehensive coverage for renters and owners, at no extra charge. RV Share adds to your piece of mind by vetting all possible renters to make sure they are who they say they are.

2021 RV Share Owner Report

From RV Share’s 2021 Owner Report, 90% of RV owners reported more success with bookings despite the pandemic. 60% of RV owners have reported an increase in bookings for fall and winter. The most popular vehicles to rent: Travel Trailers and Class C RVs. As you can see, RV rentals are a great way to earn yourself a little bit of extra cash. What could you do with a little extra?

“In the summer of 2020, booking volume tripled for RV Share compared to 2019, with full-year booking volume doubling compared to the previous year. 2021 is off to a strong start as well, with completed bookings in January more than doubling year-over-year and future bookings growing even faster as spring approaches.”

RV Share CEO Jon Gray in Feb 2021 Forbes Magazine interview

In Conclusion

As you can see, renting your RV to your peers and neighbors through RV Share is a great, secure way to earn some extra money this year. So, why not take advantage of the earnings when you are unable to take your RV out. The best part about listing your RV is you are in control of bookings. You get to decide what times your RV will be available for rent. Click here to list your RV for free and start making extra cash.

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