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What Do Those RV Model Numbers Stand For?

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Have you ever wondered what your RV model numbers stand for? I see these numbers all the time. For instance, 30RDB-L or 26HFS-DSO. I find myself wondering what the heck are these letters and numbers actually for, do they even stand for anything? Are they just arbitrary numbers and letters put together for no particular reason? Well, I found the answers I was looking for and I am going to share with you what I found, (in case you were wondering too).

RV manufacturers each have their own way of assigning model numbers to floor plans. And not all of them follow the same “rules” when it comes to abbreviations. I put together a list of the most commonly used abbreviations and what they stand for below.

RV Model Number Abbreviations

  • FK – Front Kitchen
  • RK – Rear Kitchen
  • CK – Central Kitchen
  • OK – Outdoor Kitchen
  • RL – Rear Living Room
  • ML – Middle Living Room
  • FL – Front Living Room
  • FE – Front Entertainment Area/Same as living room
  • RE – Rear Entertainment Area/Same as living room
  • DB – Double Bunk
  • TB – Triple Bunk
  • BH – Bunk House
  • TH – Toy Hauler
  • SLX, XLT, XLITE, etc. – Lightweight
  • WS – With Slide
  • S, SL – Single Slide
  • TS – Triple Slide
  • SS – Super Slide, (the entire wall slides out)
  • RS – Rear Slide
  • Q – Queen
  • K – King
  • QB – Queen Bed
  • KB – King Bed
  • MB – Murphy Bed
  • RB – Rear Bathroom
  • FB – Front Bathroom

Most of these make sense once you know what they stand for. Our Kodiak model number is 201QB. So the QB means there is a queen bed in the RV. Most RV model numbers are short and to the point.

In the floorplan below, The SLX means that it is a lightweight travel trailer, the single 8 means that it is 8′ wide, and the 245 is the approximately 24′ of total livable length. The RLS stands for Rear Living, Slide.

RV Model  Numbers
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 245RLS

I’ve come across a few that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Take the Forest River model numbers I used in the opening of this article. I still have no idea what they stand for. DSO? The only thing I have been able to find is “Dealer Stock Only” on Forest River’s website.

What Do RV Model Numbers Stand For?

In most instances, the number in your model number reflects the length of the RV and other floor plan accessories. You might be saying, “My model number says 201 and my rig is 24′ long”. You would be right. The number is the length of “livable space” inside the RV.

According to the RVIA, the advertised length should be the usable floor plan length. The tongue and the bumper of the RV are not included in the measurement. Is this always the case. No. Just like with the abbreviations, not all manufacturers follow the “rule”. They are free to place whatever letters and numbers they wish to identify their specific floorplans.

There you have it. RV model numbers explained. Did I miss any? Do you have a unique model number? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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