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7 Things You Can Do During The RV Camping Offseason

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Unless you live in the southern states, you may have already taken the steps to get your rig ready for the long, cold winter. This year’s camping season is in the books and we tend to forget about our campers until next season. However, there are a few things you can do during the RV camping offseason that you may not have been able to do earlier in the year. In this post we are going to cover 7 things you can do during the RV camping offseason to give you a jump-start on next season. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Work On A Family Project

Use this RV camping offseason to build something cool for the RV. If you have kids or grandkids, get them involved in a fun family project for the RV. Kellie and I decided to make our own stabilizer blocks with handles a few weeks ago. The handles make it easier for us to pick up the blocks when breaking camp. They aren’t much, but it gave us a chance to spend the afternoon making something together.

Wooden blocks made during RV camping offseason

The wood came from a good friend of ours. He had these blocks of wood that he had no use for, so he gladly gave them to us for our project. We used nylon straps for handles and attached them to the stabilizer blocks with screws. An eyelet crimping tool was used to secure the rings to the straps.

hole punch kit for making eyelets

Once you and your family get your blocks made, give each kid one to paint or decorate however they wish. This not only gives you a chance to bond with them, it also makes them feel like they are contributing to the future RV trips. I can assure you that they will be excited next season when they get to help you set up the RV by placing their respective blocks under the stabilizers.

Make Necessary Repairs Or Upgrades

The RV camping offseason is a great time to make those repairs you have been putting off all year. Kellie and I noticed on our last trip to Brackenridge Park and Campground that our vent covers are starting to become brittle and starting to break. So, before it’s too late, we are planning to replace them this weekend. You too may have noticed some minor repairs that need to made to your rig. Maybe your stove only has two burners working or the refrigerator isn’t cooling like it used to. Now is the time to stop putting off these repairs and get them fixed.

Not only does making these repairs keep your rig in great working order, it also gives you a head start on next camping season. You will be one step closer to having your RV ready for that spring camping trip.

If there are any upgrades you have been wanting to do, the RV camping offseason is the time to get them done as well. Take advantage of this time to put a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets or paint an accent wall. Making these upgrades or adding your personal touch can give you and your family a little motivation for next camping season.

Start Planning For Next Year

One of the best ways to score the best RV sites is to reserve them early. Most campgrounds, state parks, and RV resorts will let you make reservations up to three months in advance. Some may let you make reservations further out than that.

Many RVers like the freedom of the open road and don’t want to make reservations. They like to “wing it”, as they say, and are happy with any site that is available. While this is fine for some, if you have specific needs for your RV, you might be out of luck if you wait until the last minute to find your spot. Booking early guarantees you will have the perfect site to fit your individual needs.

For example, you may have a larger rig that requires a site with a long driveway. Or maybe you have a Class A and would rather have a pull-thru site with full hook-ups. If this is the case, don’t wait until the last minute to try to make your reservations. Use the RV camping offseason to plan your next trip.

These free RV camping apps make planning your trips much easier.

Check On Your RV

If you have your camper covered, or not, be sure to check on your rig regularly. Look for signs of mice and other rodents that might be making your RV home for the winter. Checking your RV frequently will give you the opportunity to address any issues before they get out of hand.

We store our Kodiak in the yard and one issue we have found is the accumulation of leaves in the gutters. The gutters on your RV are just like the gutters on your house. They are designed to shed water away from the structure, or in this case, your camper.

The wet leaves will play havoc on your roof sealant as well as your awning. Take the time to make sure your gutters are cleaned to prevent them from holding the rainwater.

Staying on top of any issues that arise will make getting your rig ready in the spring much easier.

Buy Your Next RV

If you are planning on buying a new RV for next year, the RV camping offseason isa great time to do it. Next year’s models are showing up to the dealerships so you have a chance to save thousands on last year’s models.

side view of travel trailer with murphy bed and slide

RVs are seasonal items, meaning that during the summer months, people want to go camping, and sales increase. As a result, the demand for RVs will be higher than during the RV camping offseason.

On the other hand, RV sales plummet during the winter months. In fact, they begin to decline in late October into early November. If you can wait until December or January, when RV sales are the lowest, you stand a good chance of saving the most on your next purchase.

Not only are RV dealerships offering rock-bottom deals, private sellers are looking to sell their unwanted RVs as well. Some bought them at the beginning of the RV camping season and it just wasn’t a good fit for them. You can find a great deal on a slightly used RV by following a few tips on how to buy a used camper from a private seller.

Find Deals On Accessories

The RV camping offseason is a great time to find some really good deals on certain accessories. Take storage bins for example. The Christmas holiday season is when things like plastic storage bins go on sale. If you have been wanting to maximize your RV basement storage, you can find deep discounts on some of these items.

Go Camping

If you just aren’t ready to call it a year, why not go camping. There are many state parks, RV resorts, and campgrounds that remain open during the RV camping offseason. Rates tend to be less expensive since, after all, it is the offseason an there are fewer people trying to get a site.

motorhome, camper, mountains-1206525.jpg

Campfires are cozier to sit around, there are fewer bugs to deal with, and the best part, you can snuggle at night to stay warm. If the cooler temperatures don’t deter your sense of adventure, then by all means find a spot and enjoy the less crowed campgrounds.

Conclusion On Things To Do During The RV Camping Offseason

Just because this year’s camping season has come to an end doesn’t mean you have to forget about your RV until next year. There are any things that you can do during the RV camping offseason to keep your rig in great shape. Use the down time to make those much-needed repairs or do those upgrades you have been putting off. Spend time with the family on a great project for next year.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions for the RV camping offseason? If so, please leave us a comment below and let us know.

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