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RV Camping Gear For Dogs; How To Pamper Your Pooch

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We all love to camp. After all, that’s why we do it, right? And when we go camping, we take our furry friends with us. They’re like family to us. When you pack up your RV with all the essentials for a great camping weekend, do you pack any camping gear for dogs? Granted, we all make sure we have plenty of dog food and maybe a leash. But what about the other essentials you might be overlooking? What about those little things that will make your canine companion’s camping trip one to write about in his canine chronicles? ( sorry, I had to do it ). In this post we are going to look at RV camping gear for dogs that will show your friend just how much you care. Besides, there is no reason for them to “ruff” it. ( Okay, that might be the last one )

Essential Camping Gear For Dogs

First and foremost, before you take your furry friend to an RV park or campground, it’s always a good idea to call ahead first to ensure there will be no issues. Kellie and I have never had an issue yet, but there are some parks and resorts that have breed restrictions. And, it’s always better to be certain before you arrive for your weekend getaway. You don’t want to get turned away because Fido is on the restricted list.

Another great piece of advice is to make sure your pets are up to date on their annual shots. Kellie and I recently stayed at a hotel for a family issue and we had our vet email us House’s medical records. You can read more about House, the diabetic dog here. Keeping these kinds of things in a dog gear backpack makes it easy to keep everything in one place. If your pooch is on any medication, make sure you remember to pack it as well.

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Indoor Camping Gear

When it comes time to go to sleep, your pet is just like you. They enjoy a nice, plush comfortable place to lay their head too. If they are getting up there in age, like our dogs, the hard floor might be a little “ruff” ( Couldn’t resist ) on their aging bones. Making sure your pet has a soft place to sleep will make for a more comfortable sleeping experience for everyone.

camping gear for dogs
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Do you leave your companion in your RV while your away? There are times when you just may not have a choice. If Murphy is a barker, or gets separation anxiety, you might consider a pet monitor. These monitors have two-way audio and a wi-fi camera system so you can keep an eye on Murphy and calm him down with your soothing voice over the monitor. Another great feature is the ability to throw your pampered pooch a snack remotely.

dog monitor
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Outdoor Gear

The list for outdoor camping gear for dogs can get lengthy. Basically, you and your pets needs will dictate what you consider “essential”. For instance, Kellie and I don’t need an outdoor enclosure for our dogs while others may want one. It’s all dependent on the needs of the pet and the owner.

Happy Camper Dog
Happy Camper

There are some things however, that every pet owner needs. Below is a list of camping gear for dogs that every pet owner should have access to while they’re camping. If you carry your pet in the backseat like we do, a backseat cover is a must-have. We have cloth seats in our tow-vehicle and spending hours at the car wash using the vacuum is not my idea of a good time. These cover are designed to go over your seats to protect them from mud, dirt, and of course, pet hair.

A dog brush is a great idea for keeping in your camping gear for dogs for those times they get into the briars or, what we call, sticker burrs. Picking those things out can be grueling. Pet grooming gloves are another time saver when it comes to brushing your pet.

Other outdoor camping gear for dogs:

Conclusion On RV Camping Gear For Dogs

When it comes down to traveling with dogs, one thing is certain. If we take good care of our furry family, they will take care of us. And why not spoil them a little more when we go camping? I mean, they are on vacation too, right? Show them you love them and they won’t be “doggone barking mad” ( last one I promise ) by the end of the trip.

Do you go camping with your dogs? Do you have any other camping gear for dogs to suggest? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

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