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RV Basement Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

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We all know that storage in an RV can be hard to come by. Learning to maximize the space we have is essential for RVing. I have come up with this list of RV basement storage ideas that I’m sure will do just that. So just what is the basement of an RV? The basement is essentially the outdoor storage areas. Some are pass thru, others are just compartments. In fact, our 1999 Hi-Lo only had two outdoor compartments. One was full of electrical cord and jacks, yes jacks, and the other was filled with the hydraulic pump. So you see, outside storage was non-existent in some RVs before the mid 1980’s. The term basement is just a slang term, or lingo, adopted by RVers before us. You can catch up on the RV lingo and terms here.

Storage Bins

Storage bins come in several different sizes. Some are low profile with wheels for easy maneuvering. These work great for pass through basement storage to keep you from climbing half-way into your RV basement storage to grab something. The way you stack them is as important as the size of the bin. You wouldn’t want to place barely used items on top and things you need daily on the bottom. We use stackable for our basement storage. These are great for us. They have handles for easy carrying, and they stack very easily in the basement. The holes in the sides make it easy to see what’s in them as well. Keep that in mind. If you go with plastic storage bins, make sure you can see through them, or label them for contents.

We keep our city water supplies, hoses, pressure regulator, filter, in it’s own crate. I can easily just grab the crate when we set up and everything I need is conveniently in one place. Small tools and tarps, gloves, etc. go into a separate crate.

Hang Items On The Wall

Some items, such as your hoses, or even your spring bars from your weight distribution hitch can be hung on the wall of your basement storage. I saw this amazing idea on Facebook where someone used peg-board to hang theirs. This is a great way to keep those bars out of the way while you’re set up.

RV Basement Storage Tips
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Can you imagine the possibilities of what you can do with a few bungee cords or velcro straps? Keep in mind, not all basement areas are the same. A lot of them have curved walls which will make hanging peg-board a little more difficult.

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Sewer Hose Carrier

The dreaded “stinky slinky”. We store ours in the rear bumper of our Kodiak. Some of the newer hoses have end fittings that are almost too big to fit into the bumper. Ours is one. I have to turn the fitting just right to get it to slide into the bumper. These sewer hose carriers mount to the under belly of you RV and are great for storing your sewer hose. If you are a DIYer, you can probably make one a lot cheaper with PVC and straps.

Sewer Hose Carrier
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RV Basement Slide Out Drawer

Are you tired of climbing all the way into your basement storage compartment to grab something? You can always add a slide out drawer to make accessing your things easier. You won’t be adding any extra storage space because of the mounting rails, but accessing your things will be easier. Like the sewer hose carrier, if you are a DIYer, you may be able to make one yourself a lot cheaper.


If your camper doesn’t have any lighting in the basement area, there are several battery operated lights that install very easily. There is nothing worse than scurrying around in the dark looking for that hose splitter.

Conclusion On RV Basement Storage Ideas

As I mentioned above, storage space in an RV is minimal. As you begin to get organized and free up more space, keep the weight of the extra items in mind. An overloaded rig is very dangerous to pull. Did you know that just one gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. You wouldn’t think so, but small items can easily add several pounds of weight to your RV.

One thing I have learned over the years of camping, RVers are always willing to share their ideas as well as what works and what doesn’t. If you find yourself admiring what someone else has done to their rig, I’m certain they will share whatever info they can with you. If you are looking for more DIY tips, check out this great site for all RV DIYers, diyrvhome.

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