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BBQ On-The-Go: The 6 Best Portable Grills For RV Camping

Looking for a portable RV grill?

One of the best things about RV camping is cooking outside. However, many RV campgrounds and resorts don’t have easily accessible fire rings or campsite BBQ grills. And if they do, the provided RV site grills aren’t the cleanest option there is. Plus, you just never know what the person who used it before you put in it. Now there’s a scary thought.

You can wrap the grill with as much aluminum foil you want, but it won’t make a difference. I have personally witnessed some very odd and disgusting behavior regarding campground grills.

Luckily, there is a simple solution. A portable grill for your RV.

Carrying a portable grill in your RV allows you the freedom to cook your favorite campground meals wherever you decide to park your RV.

In our 25+ years of RV and camping experience, we have always relied on a portable grill when cooking most of our camping meals. If you don’t want to heat up the inside of your camper by using the kitchen cooktop, and if you prefer not to use those grills at the campground, a portable grill is your best option.

In this article we are going to take a closer look at the 6 best portable grills for RV camping. It doesn’t matter if your prefer to cook with charcoal, propane, or electricity, there is an option that’s right for you.

Let’s jump in…

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Best Portable RV Grills At A Glance

Types Of Portable Grills For RV Camping

Every campground chef has their own preferences when it comes to cooking outdoors. Some prefer to cook over an open fire using wood or charcoal, while others prefer the cleaner approach of using propane or electric. In addition, if you typically boondock or dry camp, an electric grill might not be the best option.

Either way, knowing what options are available for portable RV grills is the first step to making an informed decision.

The four main types of portable RV grills are propane, charcoal, pellet, and electric. While each type of grill has it’s own unique cooking characteristics, they each have different benefits and drawbacks as well.

Portable Propane RV Grills

Propane grills are fairly common among RV owners. One reason is because they can be easily hooked up to the RV with the available propane quick-connect found on newer models.

Portable propane grills are much easier to start than charcoal grills and are much easier to maintain a constant temperature when cooking.

On the other hand, propane RV grills can be pricier than other types and they don’t allow you to infuse the smoky flavor some of us have grown to love.

Portable Charcoal RV Grills

Another popular choice for portable grills among RV owners is the charcoal grill. This type of grill is a great option for those campground cooks who prefer the traditional backyard style of cooking.

Bear in mind, however, you might not be able to use a portable charcoal grill in every location. Some RV camping locations may not allow open flames, even to cook your famous camp burgers or kabobs.

In addition, when compared to a propane grill, a portable charcoal grill will take longer to heat up and it is more difficult to maintain a constant temperature when cooking.

Portable Pellet Grills For RVs

Pellet grills aren’t exactly well known for their portability. If you have ever seen one on display or have used one, you know they can be extremely heavy.

However, pellet grill manufacturers have been making strides to produce models for those on-the-go.

Portable pellet grills are a great option for those wanting a choice of either grilling or smoking meat at the campground.

The main drawback of pellet grills for RV use is they require a 120V outlet for the temperature controls, pellet hopper motor, and other features. Like the portable electric grills, these units are less versatile than the options listed above for off-grid camping and cooking in wet weather.

Portable Electric RV Grills

As the name implies, portable electric RV grills use electricity as their fuel source for cooking. Many campers prefer electric grills over the other types listed above because some can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Unless you have a portable power station or generator, using a portable electric grill may not be the best option for camping off-grid in your RV.

However, if you have access to power, an electric grill has advantages the other portable grills lack. For instance, there is no extra charcoal or propane to haul to the campground. When it’s time to cook, simply plug in the grill, set the desired temperature, and get to cooking.

Other than the obvious wet weather drawback, if your prefer your campground meals to taste more like your backyard BBQ, you won’t get the same taste as you would from a pellet or charcoal grill.

The 6 Best Portable Grills For RV Camping

When making our list of the 6 best portable grills for RV camping, we took into consideration how easy these units are to store in a camper, weight, and ease of use. In addition, we looked at overall cooking surface area, fuel types, and many other factors.

Best Overall Portable RV Grill – Weber Q 2200 Portable Propane Grill

Topping our list of the best portable grills for RV camping is the Weber Q 2200 portable propane grill. This model was made with portability and functionality in mind. Not only is this portable grill great for the campground, but it also makes a great choice for backyard grilling as well.

The sleek design of this all-aluminum propane grill is accented by a pair of fold-out side tables that measure 12.5” X 13.5”. These side tables are the perfect size for plates, grilling utensils, or any condiments you may be using.

The tall lid is useful for cooking larger cuts of meat like beer can chicken or small roasts, while the built-in lid thermometer allows you to keep a close eye on the temperatures.

Other notable features of this portable propane grill worth mentioning are the removable drip pan and the interchangeable split grate/griddle design.

This Weber portable RV grill also features 280 square inches of cooking space, porcelain-enameled cast iron grilling grates, and an electronic ignitor to start the grill.

The Q 2200 can be powered using disposable 1-pound propane cylinders or a 20-pound propane tank with an adapter (sold separately).

If the Weber Q 2200 is larger than you need, the Q 1200 is a slightly smaller version.

Weber Q 2200 Specs:

  • Fuel Type – Propane
  • BTU Output – 12,000
  • Weight – 42.5 lbs.
  • Size – 25.1″ X 51.4″ X 26″
  • Total Cooking Area – 280 Square Inches


  • Can be hooked up to 20 lb. propane tank (with adapter)
  • Fold-up side tables
  • Heavy-duty porcelain-enameled cast iron grill grates


  • Heavier than other portable grills

Best Portable RV Grill For Large Families – Blackstone Tailgater

The Blackstone Tailgater RV grill is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable solution to cooking for a large family. This portable grill is one of the most versatile models in this list.

Not only does this grill allow you to cook a wide variety of foods, but the adjustable legs are ideal for uneven ground you might encounter while camping.

The Tailgater features a grilling griddle and a stove top combo that will bring out the campground chef in all of us. The grill box and griddle are both removable giving you direct access to the propane burners underneath which expands the cooking versatility of this portable propane grill.

Other features of this portable RV grill worth mentioning are the powered ignitor and individual temperature controls for each burner. The griddle side features a stainless-steel H-tube burner which is capable of producing up to 15,000 BTUs and the grill box side features a cast-iron burner capable of 20,000 BTUs.

Blackstone Tailgater Specs:

  • Fuel Type – Propane
  • BTU Output – 15,000/20,000
  • Weight – 75 lbs.
  • Size – 52” X 24” X 38.5”


  • Multiple cooking options
  • Quick connect propane hose
  • Great for large families or groups


  • Weight

Best Portable RV Grill For Couples – Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe Portable RV grill

The Weber Jumbo Joe is a “mini” version of the popular classic BBQ grill that sits in many backyards. At 18” wide, this portable charcoal grill is slightly larger than the Smokey Joe at 14”.

The 240 square inches of total cooking surface area makes this portable charcoal grill an ideal choice for couples spending the weekend at the campground.

You might have a tough time smoking briskets or other large cuts of meat, but you will not have any issues cooking steaks, burgers, or your favorite campground kabobs.

Weber had portability in mind when they designed this charcoal grill. The trademarked “Tuck-N-Carry” lid allows you to lock the lid down when traveling from place to place.

Overall, this portable charcoal grill is durable and maintains the high quality that Weber is known for.

Weber Jumbo Joe Specs:

  • Fuel Type – Charcoal
  • Weight – 18 lbs.
  • Size – 19.7” X 19.7” X 20.5”
  • Total Cooking Area – 240 Square Inches


  • Top and bottom dampers
  • Steel cooking grate
  • Easy to transport


  • No temperature probe
  • Too small for large cuts of meat

Best Budget Friendly Portable RV Grill – Cuisinart CCG190RB Charcoal Grill

The Cuisinart CCG190RB portable charcoal grill is the most basic RV grill you can find, but it can still get the job done. I wouldn’t recommend this model for cooking steaks or larger cuts of meat, but it is an ideal choice for those just wanting to whip up a few burgers and brats.

This portable charcoal grill features 196 square inches of cooking surface area, chrome plated cooking rack, and an upper and lower vent system. In addition, the lockable lid makes this grill easy to carry and transport from place to place.

While the lightweight aluminum construction of this portable grill allows it to heat up quickly, it also contributes to quick heat loss as well.

Overall, this Cuisinart portable RV grill is a smart choice for those who periodically want to enjoy outdoor cooking without the high price tag of the more expensive grills on this list.

Cuisinart CCG190RB Specs:

  • Fuel Type – Charcoal
  • Weight – 4.2 lbs.
  • Size – 14” X 14” X 15”
  • Total Cooking Area – 196 Square Inches


  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Not ideal for regular use
  • Poor construction

Best Splurge RV Grill – Traeger Ranger

Pellet grills are well known for being very heavy and in no way portable enough to haul to the campground for a weekend camping trip. However, as one of the industry leaders in pellet grills, Traeger has entered the market of portable RV grills with the Traeger Ranger.

This compact tabletop pellet grill is one of the easiest portable grills to use. Providing you have access to a 120V outlet, smoking a brisket, pork roast, or your favorite cut of meat is as simple as set it and forget it.

The Ranger features 184 square inches of cooking surface area with porcelain grill grates and cast-iron griddle plate for cooking options. In addition, the digital temperature controller and included meat probe help to regulate the temperature so you can spend more time away from the grill.

If you’re in the market for an easy to use, portable pellet grill for your RV camping trips, you can’t go wrong with the Traeger Ranger.

Traeger Ranger Specs:

  • Fuel Type – Wood Pellet
  • Weight – 60 lbs.
  • Size – 20” X 21” X 13”
  • Total Cooking Area – 184 Square Inches
  • Power Usage – 400 watts


  • Keep warm mode
  • Digital temperature controls
  • 8-pound pellet hopper


  • 120V outlet required

Honorable Mention – Lippert Odyssey Portable RV Grill

The Lippert Odyssey Portable RV Grill is the perfect choice for on-the-go grilling. With a compact and portable design, it is easy to store in your RV and can be carried anywhere you wish to cook.

This portable RV grill features an all-in-one design that includes everything you need to grill up your families favorite food at the campsite, along the hiking trail, or on the banks of your favorite fishing spot.

The Lippert Odyssey comes with a convenient carrying case that has a padded handle, adjustable strap, and a zip-on cooler for keeping your food cold.

There is a built-in temperature control knob and fan that requires four AA batteries, or USB connection to operate.

The main drawback to using this portable RV grill is the size of the charcoal briquette canister. It is relatively small and holds less than 10 briquettes. However, many users say that the overall design of the unit allows them to easily cook up a few burgers on the go.

Lippert Odyssey Portable Grill Specs:

  • Fuel Type – Charcoal
  • Weight – 9.83 lbs.
  • Size – 14.17” X 14.17” X 8.46”
  • Total Cooking Area – 196 Square Inches


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Temperature control
  • Carrying case included


  • Small charcoal canister

What To Consider Before Buying A Portable Grill For Your RV

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best portable RV grill for your camping trips. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on a grill that doesn’t meet your needs.


Most of the portable RV grills listed above are pricey. There are a couple that fall below the $100 price tag for those on a tight budget.

But, if you are looking for a high-quality portable grill for your RV, you can expect to pay $150 and up, depending on the type of RV grill that fits your needs.

Type Of Portable Grill

As stated earlier in this article, there are four main types of portable grills for RV use, propane, charcoal, pellet, and electric. Each has their own unique cooking characteristics and fuel types as well as its own set of pros and cons. Determining which type of portable RV grill is best for you and your family will come down to personal preference.

With a portable propane grill, setting up and cooking are both fairly straightforward. Charcoal grills, on the other hand, require you to haul bags of briquets and lighter fluid to the campground.

Portable pellet grills are an excellent choice for those who want to spend the day relaxing and spending time around the pit with friends and family. Keep in mind that you will need access to a 120V outlet for the hopper and electronics to operate.

The same goes for electric grills. These are a great choice for campers who have shore power and would prefer not to cook over an open flame.

Grill vs. Griddle Debate

There has been a long-standing debate among RV owners as to which outdoor cooking surface is the best, grills or griddles.

A griddle is a flat cooking surface that typically heats evenly. This makes an ideal cooking surface for those amazing campground breakfasts.

A grill has slots and/or raised grates that allow for fat and juices to drip onto the flame. Using a grill is the best way to cook up some burgers or steaks with those crossed sear marks.

The best portable RV grills will have either both or have the ability to interchange between grills and griddle plates.

Grill Grate Material

Choosing the best grill grate material for your portable RV grill is another consideration to keep in mind. Why? Because the grate is in direct contact with your food, and they can affect how well your favorite foods cook.

Most grill grates and griddles are made from stainless steel, cast iron, or have an enamel coating.

Stainless steel grill grates are the most lightweight and affordable option. In addition, stainless steel heats up quickly. But, because they are typically thinner than other materials, they tend to lose heat just as fast.

Cast iron grill grates are heavy and are known for their heat retention. While they take longer to get to temperature than stainless steel grates, they are best for getting those sear marks we all love so much.

Enamel coated grill grates are either stainless steel or cast iron grill grates covered with a smooth enamel. This layer provides a non-stick surface and can help prevent corrosion.


The overall cooking surface area is a particularly important consideration when choosing the best portable grill for your RV. What I mean is if you typically like to smoke a brisket or cook up other large cuts of meat, a portable grill with a large surface area will be the best choice.

However, if you are more of a burger and hot dog kind of camp chef, a smaller grilling area will be just fine.

Other than the grilling area, the overall dimension of the portable grill is important when it comes to storage in your RV. We all know that RVs are notorious for lack of storage space. Make sure the grill you choose for your RV camping trips will fit in the basement storage area of your camper.

If you will be transporting your RV grill to the campground in the back of your truck, size will be less of an issue.

Ease Of Use

The best portable grill for your RV will be easy to use. Many RVers prefer propane or pellet grills over charcoal and electric.

One reason for this is how much easier it is to control the temperature while cooking. Charcoal grills typically require you to adjust dampers and adjust the airflow constantly to maintain a certain temperature. And portable electric grills are only good to use if there is available power.

With propane and pellet style grills, you can usually set the temperature control knob, or in some cases, digitally, to get a constant temperature. And like the electric grills, pellet grills will need to have a 120V outlet to operate.

Tabletop Or Freestanding

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best portable grill for your RV is deciding whether you would prefer a tabletop grill or a freestanding model.

Tabletop grills are designed with portability in mind. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

The main drawback of using a tabletop portable grill is the need for a table. We have visited RV campgrounds in the past that have plastic picnic tables at the site. As you can guess, these tables aren’t the best place to cook with a tabletop model.

But, if you have a sturdy, inexpensive aluminum camping table like this one, a portable tabletop grill is an excellent choice.

Freestanding portable grills, on the other hand, can be used anywhere in the campground. The best part is there is no need to find a table to set it on.

Portable RV grills like the Weber Q series give you the option of using them as a tabletop or as a freestanding unit with an additional stand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding portable RV grills.

What Are BTUs?

BTU is an acronym for British Thermal Unit and the formal definition is, “a measurement of the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit at sea level.”

When referring to the BTU output of a portable RV grill, the higher the BTUs, the higher the temperature range, and the more propane a grill will use. So, while it may seem that the higher the BTUs the better, that’s not always the case. If a portable grill has poor airflow, there is a good chanced that it may not actually be hotter than another grill rated at a lower BTU output.

In addition, poor build quality of a grill in terms of materials may keep the grill from maintaining a constant temperature, which leads to more propane being used.

Is A Portable RV Grill Different Than A Backyard Grill?

A portable RV grill is designed for portability where a traditional backyard grill is designed to be more stationary. In addition, typical backyard grills are made much larger and provide more cooking space than a portable grill.

A portable grill is more for those who plan to grill while traveling. Another benefit of portable grills over backyard grills is the convenience of storage. You will have a tough time trying to fit most backyard grills in the storage compartments of most RVs.

Can I Use A 20 lb. Propane Tank On A Portable Grill?

In some cases, you can hook a portable propane grill directly to a 20 lb. propane tank. For portable propane grills that use a 1 lb. cylinder, you will need an adapter hose which will allow you to use the 20 lb. tank.

In Conclusion

The best way to cook while at the RV campground is over a campfire. However, conditions aren’t always ideal for this type of cooking. Having a portable RV grill will ensure that the weather doesn’t put a damper on your campground cookout.

Are you ready to become the next great campground chef? What are your thoughts on the portable RV grills listed above? Have you had any experiences with the models listed? If so, drop us a comment below and tell us about it.

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