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Oak Thicket Park, Our Amazing Weekend at the Lake

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This summer, Kellie and I were in need of a much deserved weekend off from our home rebuild. We had been plugging away at it non-stop for a few months. We decided to look for a cabin for rent on a lake somewhere and after several hours of searching the internet, we found one available at Oak Thicket Park in Fayetteville, Texas.

Oak Thicket Park
photo by camprrm.com

Arriving At The Park

When we arrived at Oak Thicket Park, we were greeted by a very nice park host working at the entrance gate. She checked us in, handed us a map of the park, and sent us on our way. When we pulled up to the cabin, the first thing we noticed was all of the shade trees and the lake being just feet from the front porch of the cabin. The housekeeping ladies were just finishing up with our cabin and were kind enough to let us know that they would be bringing a new TV back shortly to install in the room. They mentioned that the new owners of the park were starting to upgrade a bit.

Our cabin was located in between three other cabins, all linked together like a duplex apartment. Just off of the porch were four picnic tables and four fire rings, one for each guest. On the inside of the cabin it was set just like a “rustic” hotel room. It had a mini-fridge, coffee pot, two beds, and of course, a TV.

One of the housekeepers was a young lady that looked maybe 14 years old working a summer job. This little girl really gave Kellie and I the Heebie Jeebies, as she reminded us of someone you would see in a horror movie, like “The Shining” or “Children of the Corn”. She just had a way about her that was just plain creepy.

Kellie and I had the row of cabins to ourselves the first night and we took full advantage of it by going to bed early and getting some much needed sleep. I believe we slept through a few movies that night.

Exploring Fayetteville, TX

The next day, we went into the town of Fayetteville to see what there was to see. I had noticed online when we were searching for the cabin, that there was a little cafe on the town square called Joe’s cafe. We stopped in for breakfast before heading over to Fayetteville Store for some snacks for the cabin. Joe’s was everything you would expect from a small town diner. The staff was very friendly and inviting and the food was delicious. The Fayetteville Store was an old gas station turned grocery store. They had everything we were looking for as far as microwavable snacks and drinks. We also noticed that there was a pizza oven behind the counter where you could place an order for a whole pizza or just grab a slice or two of what was available on the hot plate.

Joe's Place Fayetteville TX

Later that day the other cabin visitors began showing up for their weekends. We stopped by the park hosts campsite to buy some firewood for our campsite to enjoy the evening by the water. All was going great until the folks next door to us decided to start their fire as well. They brought their own firewood, cedar. Wood wasn’t the only thing they were putting into the fire. They were throwing plastic bottles, paper plates, food wrappers, etc. into the fire. The smoke was so overwhelming for Kellie and I that we just went back inside for the evening.

Conclusion On Oak Thicket Park

Overall, Oak Thicket Park is a nice park. We noticed that there were several boats out on the water with folks fishing and having a good time. The screened in shelters were also full of families getting out for the weekend. The screened shelters offer only a ceiling fan and a water spigot outside by the driveway. There are also 15 or 20 RV sites available with paved pads, picnic tables, and fire rings.

We may venture out that way again in the future with our RV. At least we won’t be getting smoked out by some inconsiderate ass burning trash and who know what else. If we do go back, I will definitely keep you posted.

Have you ever had an aggravating experience with a camping neighbor? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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