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4 Lightweight Teardrop Trailers Perfect For Off-Grid Camping

With RV ownership on the rise, it’s no wonder you have to make reservations at your favorite campground weeks, or months, in advance. Plus, when you get there, you’re elbow to elbow with your camping neighbor. You can hear everything they say, hear their music, and smell their smells. But what if there was another way to truly “escape” the hustle and bustle of everyday life? That’s why you go camping, isn’t it?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, there is a solution. Off-grid camping. If tent camping isn’t your thing, let me introduce you to 4 lightweight teardrop trailers that are perfect for camping off-grid.

Let’s jump in…

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What Is Off-Grid Camping?

Off-grid camping, or boondocking, is getting away from the comforts of everyday life. You essentially camp with no hook-ups. This type of camping gives you the opportunity to really connect with Mother Nature. When you go off-grid camping, you are totally dependent on your rig, tent, or other set-up you might have.

The best part of off-grid camping is you can find more scenic areas to camp and, in most cases, it’s totally free. Get ready to see the trees, hear the birds, and breath the fresh air.

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What Is A Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop trailer is a lightweight and aerodynamic camping trailer that gets its name from its iconic teardrop shape. These are a great option for beginners and because of their weight, can be towed by most trucks, SUVs, and even electric vehicles. Most teardrop trailers sleep two adults and often have a kitchenette located at the rear of the camper.

These campers became popular in the 1930’s and are becoming more and more popular today. Why? Because teardrop trailers and off-grid camping allow people to focus more on the experience of being outdoors.

If you don’t mind the smaller living space, teardrop trailers are a great option for those who want to spend time outside in places that are more off the beaten path.

Now on to our list of teardrop trailers that are perfect for any off-grid camping trip.

Droplet XL Teardrop Trailer

The Droplet XL teardrop trailer is built with off-grid camping in mind. With a total length of 9.5 feet and a dry weight of only 1,050 pounds, there is no need to upgrade to a full-sized truck. In fact, it is so lightweight it can be towed by a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392.

Droplet XL Teardrop Trailer
Droplet XL Teardrop Trailer

This lightweight teardrop trailer is built around a massive queen size bed that will sleep two adults comfortably. In addition to LED touch lights, this teardrop trailer is equipped with 110V outlets with USB ports built in for charging your devices.

Cooking your favorite campsite meals is a breeze with the fully-equipped, sheltered kitchen. The kitchen of the Droplet XL features a durable acrylic countertop, LED lighting, and a 12V Dometic refrigerator. In addition, the Droplet XL features a 1.6-gallon fresh water tank and a pump type sink for washing up after a meal.

Even while you’re inside this lightweight teardrop trailer you get the sense of being outside. This camper features huge doors, an enormous front tinted window, and an impressive skylight. The skylight is capable of fully opening and is equipped with a screen to keep the bugs out while you listen to the crickets chirp at night.

With the well-equipped 13-inch wheels, going off-grid has never been easier. This camper can go anywhere your tow vehicle can take it.

If the standard equipment isn’t enough for your off-grid camping adventures, this teardrop trailer offers a few add-ons that are guaranteed to make your camping experience one for the books. These options include a 150-watt solar panel, a roof rack, a road shower, and a must have awning.

Available Add-Ons For The Droplet XL

These add-ons are designed to take your off-grid camping experience to the next level. Just because you’re boondocking doesn’t mean you have to give up every comfort, right?

Droplet XL Teardrop Trailer With Solar Panelle
Solar Panel Add-On

150-Watt Solar Panel

Although the Droplet XL teardrop trailer is capable of being plugged into shore power, you can keep your batteries fully charged with the optional 150-watt solar panel.


The add-on roof rack really opens up your options for activities while your off-grid. The roof-rack is more than capable of carrying your kayak, surfboard, or any extra camping gear you might want to carry with you.

Road Shower

Okay, this add-on doesn’t need much explanation. I understand that when you’re off-grid camping in your new teardrop trailer that you’re supposed to be “roughing it”. However, after a day or two in the wilderness with no bath, that queen sized bed might not feel so fresh. If you know what I mean.


The awning on the Droplet XL teardrop trailer isn’t powered, in fact, it’s 100% manual but it’s not much different than setting up a tent. Simply install the support rods, stretch the awning, and hook the tensioners to a wheel and the spare tire. Next step, enjoy a drink because you’ve earned it.

Polydrops P17A Teardrop Trailer

Most people think the Polydrops P17A looks like some kind of space vessel. I can see why they say that. In my opinion, this lightweight teardrop trailer looks more like the Stealth Fighter. If you have ever seen one, you know. No matter how one wants to describe it, it’s still super cool.

Polydrops P17A Teardrop Trailer With Open Doors
Polydrops P17A

If you’re looking for a well-built, lightweight teardrop trailer, the Polydrops P17A fits the bill. Like an electric vehicle, this camper’s 2.4 kWh batteries are built into the floor. In addition, the roof mounted 260W solar panels make it possible to go off-grid camping for days at a time.

The P17A is built with a lightweight aluminum frame and the body is constructed using anodized aluminum panels, which gives it that unique look.

The full-size bed is slightly smaller than the Droplet XL, but this increases the interior space. In addition, this allows room for a micro closet at the rear of the camper.

Polydrops P17A Interior
Polydrops P17A Interior

The kitchenette on this lightweight teardrop trailer is an add-on but can be accessed from inside or outside of the trailer. If you choose the optional kitchenette, you will be getting a hand-pump sink, a 1.6-gallon fresh water tank, and a portable 12V refrigerator.

With a total length of 13 feet, 7 inches and a dry weight of only 1,200 pounds, this lightweight teardrop trailer can be towed by most vehicles, even the Electric Jeep Wrangler 4XE.

Available Add-Ons For The Polydrops P17A

Whether you call them add-ons or options, certain parts of this lightweight teardrop trailer can be upgraded. The base model of the P17A costs $24,990, and the price increases with each add-on.

Bluetooth Speaker

I’m not sure why anyone would need a Bluetooth speaker while off-grid camping next to a river, but it’s available for an extra $500. The sounds of the wind blowing through the trees or the birds singing would be all we would need.


If you don’t like the idea of cooking your off-grid camping meals over a campfire, you might enjoy the available kitchenette add-on. The kitchenette includes an induction cooktop, 12V refrigerator, hand pump sink, and a 1.6-gallon fresh water tank.

Solar Panel And Battery Upgrade

With the upgraded 520W solar panels and the additional 12kWh battery upgrade, Polydrops claims that this teardrop trailer can keep you off-grid camping for up to six days. In fact, the claim is you can “power all components including a 5,000 BTU air conditioner, heater, fridge, induction cooktop for more than six nights”.

Earth Traveler T250LX Teardrop Trailer

The Earth Traveler T250LX is not only the most lightweight teardrop trailer on this list, it is the lightest RV in production. Constructed of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, Kevlar, and Corecell, this teardrop trailer weighs in at an eye-popping 298 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly. At under 300 pounds, this camper can be towed by any vehicle, even motorcycles.

Earth Travelr Teardrop Trailer With Top Up
Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailer

To improve overall driver control, the Earth Traveler T250LX features Timbren axle-less suspension coupled with SumoSprings Trailer Helpers. In addition, the suspension on this teardrop trailer allows the user to go completely off-road and off-grid.

With a total length of 11 feet, this camper can sleep two adults comfortably. To expand the space for the ultimate off-grid camping experience, the side walls pop out and the roof pops up.

“Since cars vary significantly in their power and tow capacity, I designed the Teardrop Trailer interior with a semi-modular concept for the panned amenities to keep the weight at a minimum and avoid unnecessary add-ons that could compromise the weight. In this way, customers could customize their Teardrop Trailers according to the capacities of their vehicle.”

Angel Irlanda, Founder and Artist of Earth Traveler

Available Add-Ons For The Earth Traveler T250LX

Like Irlanda mentioned above, the base model of this lightweight teardrop trailer is fairly basic. However, Earth Traveler has options, or add-ons, available based on the towing capacity of your tow vehicle.

Kitchen Station

The kitchen station add-on isn’t much more than a pull-out sink with a few storage trays underneath it. This will come in handy when cleaning up after a meal or washing your hands throughout the day.

Propane Storage

Unlike conventional propane tanks like you would see on a travel trailer, the propane storage on this lightweight teardrop trailer will fit two 16 oz. propane cylinders on the tongue of the camper. This is particularly useful for small propane grills, stoves, or heaters.

Propane Storage Of Earth Traveler
Earth Traveler Propane Storage

Foldable And Removable Table

This foldable table easily fits in any storage compartment when folded up and expands to an impressive 44 inches long and 12 inches wide when unfolded. It also rotates a full 360 degrees and provides a space inside the camper to work on a laptop, have a drink, or play a board game on those rainy weather days.

Flexible Solar Panel

For the ultimate off-grid camping excursion, the available 100W, 12V flexible solar panel provides enough power to meet your off-grid camping needs.

NuCamp TAG XL Boondock Lightweight Teardrop Trailer

The last lightweight teardrop trailer on out list is the NuCamp TAG teardrop trailer. It’s made for off-grid camping, afterall, boondock is in the name. Equipped with a cozy queen-sized bed, this camper is large enough to comfortably sleep two adults.

The interior of this teardrop trailer features custom Amish cabinetry, under-bed storage, LED lighting, and a star gazing window for those romantic nights.

NuCamp Boondock Package Teardrop Trailer
NuCamp TAG XL Boondock Option

The boondock version of this camper features aggressive off-rod tires, running boards, boondock graphics, a roof rack, and an impressive solar package.

In the rear of this teardrop camper is a well-equipped kitchen for making your favorite off-grid camping meals. Included is a microwave, cooktop stove, deep sink with 10”’ faucet, and extra storage. Clean up afterwards can be easily accomplished with an impressive 8-gallon fresh water tank.

Interior Of NuCamp Camper
NuCamp TAG XL Interior

With a total length of 13 feet, 7 inches and a dry weight of only 1,388 pounds, this lightweight teardrop trailer, like the others in this list, can be towed by most any vehicle. No matter where you want to go, this lightweight teardrop trailer is ready for any adventure.

Available Add-Ons For The NuCamp TAG XL

Unfortunately, with the boondock package, the only add-ons are things like graphics, trim colors, and sidewall colors.

Pros And Cons Of Teardrop Trailers

Now that we have been through our list of 4 lightweight teardrop trailers, how can you be sure if any of these are right for you? Sure, they look cool and are well equipped in most cases, but what are the drawbacks to owning a teardrop trailer?

Let’s take a quick look at some pros and cons of teardrop trailers before you decide.

Pros Of Teardrop Trailers

When compared to a traditional travel trailer, a lightweight teardrop trailer is easier to tow, often weighs considerably less, and can be towed by most small cars and SUVs. Most teardrop trailers range in weight from 298 pounds, like the Earth Traveler, up to around 3,500 pounds for larger trailers.

Storing a lightweight teardrop trailer is often much easier than storing a 5th wheel or traditional travel trailer. In most cases, a teardrop trailer will easily fit into most home garages. If you own one of the larger travel trailers or 5th wheels, you might end up shelling out hundreds of dollars per year to pay for a storage facility.

As you can see with the add-ons, teardrop trailers are extremely customizable, depending on your individual needs. Options are more limited in travel trailers and 5th wheels.

In addition to the benefits above, a teardrop trailer lets you get closer to nature. Because they are small and lightweight, you can get further into the wilderness than you can with the larger trailers. In other words, teardrop trailers are perfect for those off-grid camping adventures.

Cons Of Teardrop Trailers

Some people, especially taller people, will find that a lightweight teardrop trailer seems a little cramped. Most teardrops have an interior height of around 5 feet. In addition, the total interior space is significantly smaller than a traditional travel trailer or 5th wheel.

If your off-grid camping trip consists of more than two people you might need to find other arrangements for your camping buddies. As we covered in this list, most teardrop trailers will only sleep two adults. I’m sure you can cram more people in the small space, and if you do, I hope you don’t mind giving up your personal space.

When nature calls and it’s time to do your business, most teardrop trailers do not come equipped with a bathroom. If you’re camping in a State Park or other campground, you always have the option of using the campground bathrooms.

However, if you’re off-grid camping deep in the wilderness, it’s shovel and hand sanitizer time, if you know what I mean. In addition, most teardrop trailers do not have a shower either.

In Conclusion

These lightweight teardrop trailers are all great options for off-grid camping. The best part is there is no need to trade in your compact car for a full-sized truck to tow them. Some are already equipped with everything you would need for a weekend of off-grid camping, while others will require a few add-ons to make your trip more comfortable. In the end, it beats sleeping on the ground.

What are your thoughts on these lightweight teardrop trailers? Have you ever camped in one? Better yet, would you consider owning any of these? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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