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Kick Ass Gifts For RV Owners They Will Actually Use

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Are you looking for that perfect gift for the RV owner or camping enthusiast in your life? Have you been asking yourself, “What do I get someone who has everything?”. Do you need a few great gift ideas for RV owners? I put together this list of gifts for RV owners to ease some of your concerns. For the most part, gifts for RV owners should be fun, practical, and most of all, space saving. RVs are notorious for not having very much storage space. With that in mind, anything that makes a small footprint or makes the camping experience more enjoyable is always a win. Let’s jump into our list of amazing gifts for RV owners, shall we?

This list is made up of products that we use now, have used in the past, or products that we highly recommend.

Personalized Gifts For RV Owners

Nothing shows how much you care than a personalized gift. After all, they are one-of-a-kind and made specifically for that person. For example, our neighbor built us an outdoor ice chest for our patio that is personalized with a plaque on the front with our last name. The thought of this man taking time out of his schedule and to think about us enough to make us this gift was overwhelming.

For the RV owner in your life, a custom-made wooden sign or flag to place at the front of the campsite as a welcome message to other campers is a great gift idea for RV owners. The great thing about personalized gifts is you can have anything engraved or printed on them.

gifts for RV owners
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Kellie and I recently put a customized spare tire cover on our RV. It was inexpensive, and it added a personal touch to our rig.

gifts for new RV owners

Keep in mind however, personalized gifts will have longer shipping times as they are made once the order is placed.

Countertop Ice Maker

RV owners go through a lot of ice. If you have ever seen a freezer in an RV, you know how small they are. Trying to make enough ice through the day is close to impossible. These countertop ice makers can make up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. The only other option to keeping enough ice is to fill a large cooler with massive amounts of bagged ice and several return trips to the nearest store.

countertop ice machine

Coffee Maker

Getting the day started off on the right foot, for me, requires a great cup of coffee. We used to have the small 5 or 6 cup coffee pot and we were making another pot after what seemed like every cup. We upgraded to a Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffeepot to eliminate the constant coffee making. For more coffee maker ideas, check out Types Of Coffee Makers For Campers.

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Pet Gifts For RV Owners

We all love our pets. They are a part of the family and pets go hand in hand with camping. When looking for a gift for RV owners, you can’t go wrong with a pet gift. For example, we have a dog bag that carries everything we need for our pooch in one place. This is especially useful since we have a diabetic dog. Keeping up with his medical supplies can be a life-or-death situation for him.

Dog Water Bottle

I can’t count the times we would stop for a potty break while we were on the road and had to cut the top out of a plastic bottle to give the dog a drink of water. Although this method works, it isn’t very practical or convenient. A dog water bottle will make giving Murphy a drink of water a breeze.

gifts for RV owners

Kangaroo Hoodie

Hear me out on this one. We have a mini dachshund named Chance. If the temperature outside gets below 70 degrees, he is freezing. As a result, his favorite place to snuggle and stay warm is inside Kellie sweatshirt. These kangaroo hoodies make it so much easier to cuddle a small dog and keep them warm.

gifts for new RV owners

Bug Bite Thing

You may have seen these little suction cup type things on Shark Tank or on the shelf at the store. I can tell you from experience that these things do work. The Bug Bite Thing is designed to suck the itching poison out of a mosquito bite or bee sting. We picked one up before we stayed at Brazoria Lakes RV Resort. It had been raining for weeks and being on the Texas coast, we know all too well what that does to the mosquito population. It’s easy to use and makes the outdoor experience a little more enjoyable, especially when paired with a Thermacell Mosquito Repeller.

Bug Bite Thingy
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Portable RV Grill

Most RV and camping sites have an outdoor grill. However, nobody knows what the folks before you used it for. Having a portable RV grill is a great way to spend time outside and cook some fantastic meals for the family. There are some campsites that prohibit the use of tabletop grills on the picnic tables, so we have one that is mounted on a stand. It folds down easily and doesn’t require a lot of space to store.

Be sure to check out 9 Best Portable RV Grills; Charcoal, Propane, and Electric.

Security Gifts For RV Owners

Most RVs have the same key for their storage bins. The locks for RV basement storage are mass produced and are made with a CH751 key. What does this mean? While most RVers and campers are honest people, there is always someone looking to score some gear at a five-finger discount. Your loved one’s RV isn’t always parked at the campsite, and there is no telling what kind of people are lurking around if they stop at a grocery store on the way out of town. A new set of locks are a great way to keep the RV owner in your life safe from theft. Another great way to improve RV security is changing out the door lock as well. These keyless locks make a fantastic gift for RV owners. They will thank you later.

Drive Protected- Cobra Dash Cameras

Tech Gifts For RV Owners

Is the RV owner in your life into technology? High-tech gifts for RV owners can make the RV experience less daunting and save precious time. What I mean is, not all RV sites are perfectly level, and leveling the RV is very important. Front to back leveling isn’t so bad, it’s the side to side leveling that sucks. A Level Mate Pro, coupled with a set of time-saving Anderson Levelers, makes leveling an RV fast and super easy.

gifts for new rv owners
screenshots of Level Mate Pro
gifts for RV owners

Conclusion On Gifts For RV Owners

No matter what gift you get for the RV owner in your life, you can’t go wrong with the items in this list. And if your friend or loved one is like most of us, any gift is very much appreciated. After all, it truly is the thought that counts. If all else fails, consider an RV sticker map or a journal so the RVer in your family can document the places they have been and the places they want to go. If you are looking for more great gift ideas for RV owners, check out Gifts For Fathers Day or Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts.

Do you have any suggestions of gifts for RV owners? Are you an RVer and want to add anything to this list? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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