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How To Tackle The Campground Showers Like A Pro

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At some point in your camping excursions, you will have to tackle the dreaded campground showers. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of using these public showers? Do you cringe at the thought of what might be lurking on the floor or on the benches? Don’t worry. We have had to visit many campground showers over the years. And we are passing what we’ve learned on to you. In this post we are sharing some very useful tips to make your trip to the campground showers as pleasant as possible. Let’s dive in…

Tips For Surviving The Campground Showers

Whether you’re camping in an RV, a screened shelter, a cabin, or at a walk-in camping site, you will likely find yourself heading to the campground shower at some point in your trip. Afterall, you can’t go all week or weekend without a quick bath. I take that back. You COULD, but your camping partner may not appreciate it.

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While some people don’t mind the conditions of the campground showers, many others are just grossed out by the thought of them.

Off-Peak Times

The best time to visit the campground shower is during off-peak times. Sure, getting your day started with a nice hot shower sounds great, but it might not be practical. You might find yourself in line waiting for that coveted shower stall. Afterall, the other campers in the campground will probably be wanting to start their day with a shower too.

The best times to use the campground showers is going to be very early in the morning or late in the evening.

In addition, you might find yourself locked out for cleaning as well. Check with the camp host or other office personnel to find out what time they normally clean the showers, then plan your shower around their schedule.

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Shower Shoes/Flip Flops

Okay, now that we know the best times to visit the campground shower, let’s dig into a few must-haves.

There is no telling what you might find on the floor of the campground shower. It is a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty things. Things like athlete’s foot fungus and any other gross thing you can think of, like hair in the drain. I would hate to think about what else is on those floors. So, to protect your feet, the first thing you need is a good pair of shower shoes or flip-flops.

flip flops on floor of campground showers

Keep in mind that you will be standing on wet floors, so make sure your footwear is slip-resistant.

Shower Caddy

On of the easiest ways to carry your shower essentials is with a shower caddy. Everything is packed nice and neat, and you won’t have to put anything on the floor or on the bench. If there is a hook in the shower, then you’re in luck. Simply hang your tote on the hook for easy access to your things.

portable shower caddy
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Over The Door Hook

If you’re not so lucky to get a hook in your campground shower, an over-the-door hook works just as well. These hooks are also great for hanging your towel to keep it off the wet floor.

Puppy Pads

So now that you’re squeaky clean, what do you do about stepping out of the shower? We have never used one, but I have read countless articles that suggest using disposable puppy pads as a shower mat. In addition, some people use the larger pads to cover the bench in the campground shower before they sit on them.

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Disinfecting Campground Showers

If you would like to go a step further to sanitize the campground shower, you could always bring a can of spray disinfectant with you. Sharing the shower at home is one thing, but when you think about sharing it with total and complete strangers, that’s a different story all together.


If you are going to be heading to the campground shower in the early morning or late evening hours, the path may not be lit. A flashlight or LED lantern will help light the path or walkway to make sure you don’t encounter anything spooky along the way.

In addition, the bathroom and shower area may also be dimly lit.

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Campground Shower Safety

Are campground bathrooms safe? We would all like to think they are. But then again, the folks that were camping at Crystal Lake thought it was safe too, until Jason came around. I know that was just a movie and most campgrounds are completely safe. However, we all know there are weirdos out there and nobody wants to be a victim to one of these cowards.

Your family’s safety and privacy should be the number one priority when it comes to using the campground showers.

Always be aware of your surroundings and make sure someone is with you when you go to the bathrooms. There is safety in numbers. Check that the bathroom stalls have locks and use them if they do. If they don’t, make sure you have someone with you to watch your back. The last thing you want is some freak peeking in on you.

Take a whistle or other means of self-defense. Consider carrying a small keychain pepper-spray or expandable baton for protection.

Lastly, always let someone in your camping group know when you are going to the bathroom, especially if you go alone.

By being proactive, we can all have a safe and enjoyable camping trip.

Alternatives To Campground Showers

What are your alternatives if the campground doesn’t have a shower, or you just prefer not to use them? There are a few ways you can still get yourself clean without using the campground shower.

RV Shower

Of course, the easiest way to avoid the campground shower is to use the shower in your RV. Some RV owners will not use their shower unless they have full hookups. Others, however, don’t mine dumping their tanks now and then.

Baby Wipes

One alternative to using those dreaded campground showers is to simply wipe yourself off with a baby wipe or other cleansing wipe. These are especially useful if the campground doesn’t have water available.

Portable Shower

A portable shower is one the best ways we have used to get a nice warm shower. We used to have two 5-gallon, solar heated shower bags that we would hang from a tree. Of course, we were off grid camping deep in the woods instead of a campground. You simply fill these showers with water, place them in the sunlight for a few hours, and you have an instant warm shower.

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For extra privacy, you may consider a pop-up shower tent. These tents are a great choice for showering, changing clothes, or anything else that requires some extra privacy.

In Conclusion

I hope this article helps you overcome some of your fears of campground showers. Keep in mind that not all public showers and bathrooms are gross. Some are very well maintained and are cleaned regularly. However, it never hurts to be prepared and ready for those that fail the sniff test.

What are you thoughts on using the campground showers? Do you have any suggestions that I missed? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know.

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