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How To Rent An RV: A Step By Step Guide To RV Rental

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Are you looking to rent an RV for your next vacation? Maybe you are considering buying an RV and haven’t decided which type of RV fits your needs. In this article, I will cover why vacationers rent travel trailers and motor-homes, how much it costs to rent an RV, and how to book an RV rental. There are some benefits to booking an RV over buying an RV. One of the main benefits is cost of ownership. There are several costs associated with owning an rig that you just don’t have with renting. I cover this in more detail in my post Is It Cheaper To Rent Or Buy An RV.

Why Do Vacationers Rent Rvs ?

People rent RVs for a few different reasons. One of those reasons as I stated above is cost of ownership. When you start adding up the costs of insurance, storage fees, fuel, depreciation. and maintenance, the cost of renting begins to look more and more appealing. Another reason to consider renting is how many times you plan to camp or vacation through the year. If you are only planning to use your rig a couple of times a year, buying one doesn’t seem very cost effective.

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Some folks are considering buying an RV and just haven’t decided which type to buy. Renting gives you the option to try out several different types of RVs before making such an important purchase. Are you looking for a tow-able travel trailer, or are you looking to buy a motor-home? Renting gives you the opportunity to “test drive” before you make a purchase.

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Cost Of RV Rental

The costs of renting will vary depending on what type of RV you are looking for. It will be much cheaper to rent a pop-up camper vs. a Class A motor-home. For instance, you can book a pop-up camper for as little as $55 per night while a huge Class A will run you around $135 per night and up. Another factor affecting the price is the age of the rig. If you want to book a newer RV, you will pay more. The chart below shows a breakdown of rental prices by RV type.

RV TypeDaily RentalWeekly Rental
Toy Hauler$75-$175$525-$1225
5th Wheel$85-$250$595-$1750
Travel Trailer$50-$250$350-$1750
Class A$150-$1200$1050-$8400
Class B$60-$400$420-$2800
Class C$115-$600$805-$4200
Average RV Rental Prices

How To Rent An RV

You can find several online rental agencies. One of the most popular is RV Share. They offer thousands of RVs for rent across the United States. The best thing about RV Share is it is a peer-to-peer rental agency. What this means is you book your rental from RV owners in you area or in the area where you will be vacationing.

The process is simple. You enter the dates you want to book, the type of RV you want to rent, and search the area of your choice. Search results can be filtered to what best fits your needs. Once you confirm your booking, you meet with the owner and do a walk-thru with them. This is your chance to ask any questions you might have.

Some owners offer delivery to your campsite for an additional fee. This is particularly beneficial if you do not have a tow vehicle capable of pulling your rental. If you would like to rent an RV to pick up at your destination, you can search by state. For example, if you are traveling to Yellowstone National Park, you can find nearby rentals on RV Share.

RV rental by state
Destination RV Rentals Available At RV Share
Hit The Road in Your Dream RV

Conclusion On How To Rent An RV

The process is pretty simple. The only thing you need is a destination and a dream. Making lasting memories with your family is always a rewarding experience. The possibilities are endless when it comes to RVing.

What are your thoughts on RV rentals? Have you ever rented one? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know how it went.

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