9 Proven Ways To Keep Your RV Cool In The Summer Heat

One thing Texas and the southern states are well known for is the extreme summer heat. When temperatures outside climb to triple digits, keeping your RV cool can be a serious challenge. Nobody enjoys sitting there with beads of sweat running down their face when they are trying to relax.

The summer heat not only has negative impacts on your RV, it also negatively affects your health and overall well-being if you get overheated. And let’s not forget about our pets, they can have serious health issues as well in the extreme heat.

In this article I am going to share with you a few tips on how to keep your RV cool in the extreme summer heat, without over-working you’re A/C.

Let’s get to it…

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1. Park In The Shade

One of the easiest and best ways to keep your RV cool in the extreme summer heat is by parking in the shade. Many RV parks and resorts have plenty of sites that are shaded, however, you might have a hard time scoring one of these highly coveted sites. If you are planning a trip in the heat of the summer, make sure you reserve these sights well in advance.

There are several apps available that make it very easy to find, and reserve the best RV sites.

how to keep your rv cool in the summer, park in the shade
parking in the shade helps keep your RV cool

2. Maintain Your RV Air Conditioner

Keeping your RVs Air Conditioner maintained will help it run more efficiently and keep your RV cool in the summer. Clean the filters inside and make sure the unit on top of your RV is clean as well. Another great tip to keeping your camper cool in the summer is to start the air conditioner early in the morning. You’re A/C will have an easier time maintaining the temperature rather than trying to cool a hot RV.

RV air conditioner maintenance
proper A/C maintenance is key to keeping your RV cool

3. Portable Fans To Keep Your RV Cool

If you want to keep the air circulating in your RV, try using one or two portable fans. We keep a small 10” fan close to the bed that works perfect for moving air.

In addition, placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan will help circulate the cool air throughout your rig.

4. Keep Your RV Door Closed

Just like your sticks-and-bricks home, keeping your door closed will keep the cool air inside your RV. You would be surprised at the heat transfer when you are continuously opening and closing the door.

If possible, position your rig with the front door facing north or northeast. Why? The north facing side of your RV will be shaded during the hottest times of the day. This will not only keep your RV cool, it will also provide a comfortable place to relax under the awning.

5. Cook Outside To Keep Your RV Cool

Keep your indoor cooking to the bare minimum. Your RV stove is one of the leading producers of heat in your RV. If you absolutely must cook indoors, use the microwave as often as you can. You can cook delicious meals right outside on a charcoal or gas portable grill.

6. Cover Your RV Windows And Skylights

Keep your windows and skylights covered if you want to keep your RV cool in the summer. Glass intensifies the heat so keeping them covered with thick drapes, or blackout shades will help reduce the heat in your RV. Skylight covers are available and do a great job of blocking the afternoon sunlight.

extreme heat of the sun's rays

7. Keep Your Awning Out

You may not realize it but keeping your RVs awning extended during the day is a great way to create shade, block the sun from shining through windows, and will be a huge help in keeping your RV cool in the summer. Keep in mind, however, do not leave your awning extended during periods of high winds or if you will be away from your camper.

8. Drink Plenty Of Water

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Cold water will help keep your body’s temperature down and keep you hydrated. Using a portable ice maker like one of these will ensure you have a steady supply of ice. These ice makers are a great addition to your RV kitchen and can easily produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day.

9. Go For A Swim

If all else fails, throw in the towel and go for a swim. Many RV parks and resorts will have either a swimming pool on-site or a lake you can take a dip in. Be careful when swimming along the Gulf Coast. If you’re not swimming at the beach, you might be sharing your swim with one of the several alligators in the area.

floating, fun, man-1854203.jpg

In Conclusion

Keeping your RV cool in the summer can be challenging on those sweltering, hot, humid days. However, if you plan ahead and make sure you are prepared, you should have no problem beating the heat. In addition to the tips above, changing out any incandescent lightbulbs you may have with LED bulbs will also help keep your RV cool in the summer heat.

The most important thing is to stay safe, don’t get overheated, and drink plenty of water.

Do you have any hacks for keeping your RV cool in the summer? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know.

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