Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel trailer

Is The 2023 Grand Design Solitude 5th Wheel Worth It?

The Solitude is the most spacious and most comfortable extended stay fifth wheel that Grand Design makes. With a staggering 13 different floorplans to choose from, 4 of which are “dealer stock only”, there is one that is right for you. When it comes to luxury and top-of-the-line amenities, the Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel doesn’t hold back. In this post we are going to explore the different floorplans, options available, and pricing along the way. Let’s get to it…

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Who Makes Grand Design Solitude?

Grand Design RV was started in 2012 by Don Clark, Ron French, and Bill Fenech. Together, these three men had a vision of what the perfect RV company should be. They believed that the overall RV-ownership experience was the key to lasting success.

In 2016, Grand Design RV was purchased by Winnebago Industry. Although they made changes to the company, they were minimal. Winnebago allowed Grand Design RV to continue their operation as it had in the past.

While Ron French and Bill Fenech are no longer with the company, Don Clark is still the President and CEO of Grand Design RV.

Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel trailer
photo by Grand Design

“At Grand Design our goal is simple – continue leading the industry with quality products while improving the customer’s RV experience before, during, and after the sale.”

Don Clark, President & CEO, Grand Design

How Much Does A Grand Design Solitude 5th Wheel Cost?

When it comes to luxury and quality, you get what you pay for. The 2023 Solitude 5th wheel has a price range from around $116,000 up to around $140,000. Of course, the price you pay will depend on the floorplan you choose as well as the “must-have” options that are available. These 5th wheels can easily reach well above $140,000 once you’re finished adding options.

For example, a base 2023 Grand Design Solitude 280RK 5th wheel will cost approximately $116,786. With every option available that price jumps to $149,451.

Another example is the 2023 Grand Solitude 390RK 5th wheel. The base model of this floorplan is around $142,000, while the floorplan with all added options is around $177,000.

How Many Floorplans Does Solitude Have?

The 2023 Grand Design Solitude is available in 10 different floorplans. The Solitude S-Class adds an additional 5 floorplans to the line-up.

The floorplans of the Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel range in size from 32’ 7” to a whopping 41’ 5”. Dry weights of these floorplans range from 13,320 pounds up to a massive 14,866 pounds.

Grand Design Solitude Living Area
photo by Grand Design

The different floorplan layouts of the Solitude include front living rooms, rear kitchens, front bathrooms, bunk beds, and everything in between. Whatever your needs are, the Solitude will have a floorplan that suits you.

What Is The Smallest Grand Design Solitude 5th Wheel?

The smallest Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel in 2023 is the 280RK. It has a dry weight of 12,334 pounds and a total length of 32’7”. But don’t let those numbers fool you. This 5th wheel trailer might be small when it comes to Grand Design standards, but it is still packed with luxury and amenities.

Solitude 280RK floorplan
Solitude 280RK

What Is The Largest Solitude 5th Wheel?

On the other end of the spectrum is the largest Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel in 2022, the 390RK. This beast weighs in a 14,562 pounds and stretches for 41’ 5”. This trailer is the essence of space and luxury. Just in the living room alone there are opposing slides that provide more space than most sticks-and-bricks living rooms.

Solitude 390RK floorplan
Solitude 390RK

What’s The Difference Between Solitude And S-Class?

The Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel differs slightly from the Solitude S-Class. The S-Class lacks some of the higher end features and optional amenities that are available on the Solitude. For example, the Grand Design Solitude features a window above the Master bed headboard while the S-Class does not.

Another example is full body paint. It is available as an option on the Solitude but not offered on the S-Class.

Construction Features

The Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel is built for maximum comfort, even in the coldest, or hottest climates. In fact, the design of the Grand Design Solitude has been tested to temperature extremes ranging from zero degrees to above 100 degrees. The test results showed that the Solitude maintained steady temperatures throughout the rig.

Maximum Insulation

The temperatures remained steady because of the maximum use of insulation that Grand Design incorporated when building the Solitude.

The roof of this 5th wheel is insulated with fiberglass insulation (R-40) with an additional layer of foil insulation. In addition, the attic is vented to allow moisture and condensation to escape the roof structure.

All the walls, including the slide-outs, are insulated (R-11) with a rigid foam insulation instead of fiberglass insulation. The reason is the soft fiberglass insulation can settle over time.

When it comes to insulating the floor, Grand Design went a step further than other 5th wheel manufacturers. The main floor, including the upper deck of the 5th wheel, is triple insulated to provide maximum comfort. The first layer is a foil insulation barrier, followed by two layers of fiberglass insulation. By doing so, the R value is increased to R-45.

Grand Design even went the extra mile and insulated the inside of the basement storage compartment doors with rigid foam insulation.

Grand Design Solitude Warranty

The Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel warranty is one of the best in the industry. The tires, axles, and exterior graphics are covered for 5 years. In addition, the roof is warrantied for 12 years, and the floor decking is covered for a impressive 25 years.

According to Grand Design, may of the components that go into building these coaches may also carry an extended warranty through their respective manufacturers. But be careful. There are certain things you can do to void any RV warranty without even realizing it.

Stealth A/C System

One of the coolest, no pun intended, features of the Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel is the Stealth A/C system. Where competitors use the typical A/C ducting, Grand Design raised the bar to provide an estimated 23% more airflow using a “Racetrack Ducting” system.

By allowing the A/C ducts to pass each unit, the Racetrack Ducting system provides airflow throughout the coach, regardless of which A/C is running.

Interior Features Of The Solitude

If you are looking for a luxury, extended stay 5th wheel, look no further than the Grand Design Solitude. Grand Design makes their coaches feel more like home by using high quality fixtures and accessories throughout the RV.

For instance, in the kitchen, every Solitude features LED rope lighting, an oversized pantry, a residential kitchen faucet, and a stainless steel 4-door refrigerator.

Solitude Kitchen Area
photo by Grand Design

Some features of the Residential Package include:

  • LED Smart TV in Living Area
  • Exterior Speakers
  • SolidStep Quad Entry Steps
  • Hardwood Window Treatments
  • Hardwood Cabinet Doors
  • Recessed LED Lighting
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

These are just a few of the many features that are offered on the Grand Design Solitude.

Is The Grand Design Solitude Worth The Price?

Taking into consideration all the features that come standard with the Solitude, in my opinion, it is worth the price. Grand Design is an industry leader in luxury RVs and the Solitude is no exception.

Solitude Kitchen Sink
photo by Grand Design

In Conclusion

If luxury is what you’re looking for in a 5th wheel RV, the Grand Design Solitude is definitely worth a look. With spacious floorplans and amenities to boot, you can travel in comfort even with a large family.

What are your thoughts on the Grand Design Solitude? Have you had any experiences, good or bad, with this 5th wheel? Drop us a comment in the section below and tell us about it.

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