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15 Extreme RVs And Campers You Have To See To Believe

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Merriam Webster defines extreme as “ going to great or exaggerated lengths ” and “ exceeding the ordinary ”. With that in mind, I think the extreme RVs and campers listed below fall into that definition. These RV owners took DIY to a whole new level. The imagination and ingenuity of some of these people is extraordinary.

I posted these photos on our Facebook Group page and asked folks how they would caption them. The responses I we received were great and I have included some of those recommendations in the captions. So let’s get to the list.

extreme rvs and campers
Elemment Palazzo

Coming in with a price tag right around $3 million bucks, this extreme RV makes the top of our list.

Big Rig RV

There are a few more suggested captions such as, “Freedom Train”, “10-4 Good Buddy”, and “Partridge Family Eat My Dust”.

Extreme RV Mortorcycle
Harley Camper
Hot Rod Camper
ALL NEW! Dual Channel Dash Cam for Double the Protection. The new CDR 895 D Dual Channel dash cam includes a 1080P front camera and a 720P rear camera.

One Facebook user suggested “Munster RV”, while a second user recommended “Innovative”.

extreme RV VW Bug
Bug’N Out Rv’N

This particular extreme RV had some interesting suggested captions. One of my favorites was “Doodle Bug”. I personally captioned it Bug’N Out Rv’N. It just seemed like it was a good fit. A couple more captions were “Bug House” and “Class C BUG EE”. Clever. I guess this would be considered a Class C RV.

Even More Extreme RVs

driveable airstream rv
Airstream Oldsmobile
Two-Story RV
Dash Cams from Cobra Electronics

This extreme RV is nothing short of amazing. A Pop-Up Camper mounted to the top of a bus.

prius camper
Gas Saving Camper

I was surprised by the reactions we got when this photo was shared on Facebook. Most people said things like, ” No. Just No.”, and ” Wrong On So Many Levels “. I thought it was a genius way to save some money on a camping trip.

extreme rv truck
Beast Mode
4 X 4 Camper
Monster Red
extreme RV class a
Extreme Class A

This extreme RV looks like it is a Class A converted into a lake RV.

Airplane RV
Just A Plane RV
Extreme Camper
extreme rv
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There is no doubt, when it comes to extreme RVs, this beast will take you anywhere you want to go.

Too Hot To Camp


Do you have an extreme camper? What did you think of the list? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know.

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