What Type Of RVer Are You?

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Over the past few years of RVing, one thing Kellie and I have noticed is that are different types of RVers. Gone are the days when the only people who owned RVs were retirees wearing flowered shirts, huge sunglasses, and large brim hats. RVing has become more and more popular over the past decade or so and RV sales are rising every year. But who is buying these RVs? In this post we are going to talk about the different types of RVers that we have encountered and ask the question, “What type of RVer are you?”

Kellie and I love to people watch. Not the creepy, hang out in the bushes type of watching. I believe that’s illegal and referred to as stalking. No, we like to sit in front of our travel trailer and just watch the people coming and going. You can learn a lot about people just by watching how they interact, and how they go about their day. By simply watching the people, we have found that there are at least 5 different types of RVers.

Weekend Partiers

These people are just like we used to be, many years ago. They typically show up to the campground early to mid-afternoon on Friday. They are quick to set up making sure the stereo is playing and the bean bag toss is ready to go. They spend their weekend cooking on the grill, playing games, and of course, drinking beer. They don’t bother anyone and are usually very friendly. Although you might have to let them know that the music is a bit loud after “lights out”. We have been told that a few times.

monster truck rv to show the different types of rvers

You can find them early in the morning popping their first top somewhere around 8 a.m. just after breakfast. These types of RVers will normally travel in groups of two or more, with friends staying at adjacent sites. They are all out to let their hair down after a long work week and just enjoy the weekend with friends.

Long-Term RVers

These are the people who rent their RV site for extended periods of time. Most likely they will work at a local plant or are following jobs from one city to the next. They work during the day and relax in the evening. These types of RVers tend to stay to themselves or mingle with other long-term RVers in the park. The outside of the RV looks like it is being lived in full-time. There are usually plastic totes stored under the RV or other various items around the camper. These types of RVers are hard working folks who found that it much cheaper to travel from job to job with an RV rather than rent a hotel or apartment at each job.

The Family Unit

This type of RVer can be classified in the Weekend Partiers as well. These are the people who show up to an RV campground in a large travel trailer or 5th wheel toy hauler. They will also show up in more than one vehicle and be in the company of several kids. Once set up, this type of RVer will spend the entire camping trip outside playing games, building campfires, roasting marshmallows, and riding bicycles.

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We were at Barefoot RV Park and Campground a year or two ago and the biggest 5th wheel toy hauler I have ever seen pulled into an adjacent site. Before the rig was fully set-up, the kayaks, bicycles, inner tube floats, and various other “toys” were already unloaded, and the kids were having a blast. These kids went from zero to 100 MPH in 10 seconds flat. These types of RVers use the camping trip not only to play, but for education as well. Parents will teach the kids about the different types of birds, show them how to build the campfire, or teach them how to catch a fish.

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Kellie and I can relate to this type of RVer. These RVers will find a park or campground to park their camper and use it as a “home base” of sorts. They will spend their time exploring local attractions like museums, restaurants, or festivals. More often than not, this type of RVer will be a young couple or a group of single friends looking to go out, have fun, and return to the camper to rest up for the next day’s adventure.

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Those RVers that prefer a more luxurious style of camper are commonly referred to as Glampers. Don’t get me wrong, glampers still love the freedom of adventure, they just prefer the more comfortable amenities that say dry camping can’t provide. If you see a family pull up in one of these luxury fifth wheel campers, chances are, they are glamping.


This type of RVer will typically be an older couple who have spent their whole life working and raising a family and are now spending their time exploring the country. They will normally be in a motorhome and will tend to stay inside. When they do come outside, they will sit and enjoy their coffee in the morning or a glass of tea or wine in the evening. They will most likely be pulling a toad behind the motorhome as well so they can venture out during the day to visit friends or family.

types of rvers

Conclusion To Types Of RVers

So, which type of RVer are you? As for Kellie and I, we are a mixture of the weekend partiers and the explorers. We love to sit outside, play washers, cook on the grill, and of course, listening to music. On the other hand, we also enjoy visiting the nearest town to find a great restaurant or thrift store. We are hopeful that soon we can add retiree to the type of RVer we are.

In the end it really doesn’t matter what type of RVer you may be. We all have at least one thing in common. We have a need for adventure and a love of the outdoors. RVers are a special breed of people. And I, for one, happen to enjoy everything that RVing has to offer, especially the different people.

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