Campfire Sprays and Scented Candles

The 8 BEST Campfire Sprays And Scented Candles

Does the smell of a campfire, or burning wood take you back to your first camping trip? Or maybe the smell of a crackling fireplace reminds you of your first house. What if you could harness that same smell, but in a room spray or candle? Introducing campfire sprays and scented candles.

Campfire sprays and scented candles are designed to fill a room with the distinct aroma of a smoldering campfire. In addition, campfire fragrance oils make it possible for you to craft your own campfire scented candles, soaps, and lotions if prefer those over a spray.

If you’re looking for that authentic campfire smell, check out these 8 campfire sprays and scented candles that mimic the distinct aroma of an actual campfire.

Let’s jump in…

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What To Look For In A Campfire Spray

There are three main categories when it comes to campfire sprays. Your individual preferences will ultimately determine which type of campfire spray works best for you and your family.

Room Sprays

Room sprays are an easy way to instantly freshen up a room, the car, or even an RV. In addition, they are a great alternative to scented candles and diffusers. Many offices and dormitories do not allow burning candles as a safety measure. So, if you are needing a way to freshen up a space where candles aren’t allowed, room sprays are the best choice.

Scented Candles And Diffusers

Scented candles and diffusers are widely a used form of interior accessory as a way to personalize our homes and spaces. They are a way for us to fill our homes, rooms, or offices with pleasant aromas that just makes us feel good. The smell of our homes and personal space is very important to many and is a way to elevate our sense of well-being.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been popular for decades as a form of aroma therapy. They are also a very popular choice for those who enjoy creating their own scented candles, soaps, room sprays, and lotions.

The 8 Best Campfire Sprays And Scented Candles

Our sense of smell is arguably the most powerful of our five senses when it comes to triggering distant memories or evoking certain emotions. Every single day we are exposed to many different scents and aromas, some pleasant and some not so much. Many of these smells immediately transport us back in time or instantly transform our mood or feeling of well-being.

These connections we experience when encountered with certain scents and odors is not coincidental. In fact, according to, our olfactory response, or sense of smell, is directly connected to the emotional part of our brains. This is why we seem to experience somewhat of a journey through time or a sudden mood change when we encounter certain smells, like a campfire for instance.

Campfire Smoke Room Spray

This campfire spray by Candeo Candle is an ideal solution for those who love the smell of a campfire or bonfire, but don’t always have the ability to be around one.

Campfire Spray

For instance, if you are living in an apartment or house without a fireplace, a few spritzes of this campfire spray will give you the feeling of being next to a real fireplace or wood burning stove.

The 3.5 oz bottle of this campfire fragrance comes in a durable plastic bottle with an easy-to-use pump sprayer.

This convenient campfire spray is an amazing way to create that cozy feeling you’ve been looking for; however, the scent doesn’t last for an extended period of time.

Fire In The Hole Campfire Spray Cologne

Next on our list of campfire sprays is Fire In The Hole Campfire Spray Cologne by Outlaw. If you, or your significant other, absolutely love the smell of camping, this campfire inspired spray cologne might be what your looking for.

Fire In The Hole Campfire Spray Cologne

According to Outlaw, this fragrance for men “brings the joy-inspiring scent of a campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, and whiskey” and blends them into a scent unlike any other.

This campfire spray cologne is for those who consider themselves to be rugged, outdoor individuals. The real salt of the earth kind of guys.

Mountain Campfire Scented Candle

When you are looking for an alternative to a campfire spray, consider a campfire scented candle. The Mountain Campfire scented candle by Cedar Crate Market Store is hand-poured in the USA and is made up of 100% soy.

Mountain Campfire Scented Candle in plaid jar

Soy candles tend to burn cleaner than ordinary paraffin-based candles and they typically burn longer. This campfire inspired candle will fill any room with the aromatic scents of sandalwood, campfire smoke, incense, and amber.

This is an excellent choice for those romantic evenings for snuggling with your sweetheart when you don’t have access to a fireplace or campfire.

Nature’s Oil Campfire Fragrance Oil

Another alternative to campfire sprays are campfire scented essential oils. This campfire fragrance oil by Nature’s Oil is great for making your own soaps, candles, and campfire sprays. In addition, this premium fragrance oil can be used in diffusers to fill any room with the unmistakable scent of a campfire.

Nature's Oil Campfire Fragrance Oil

Not only is this product made in the USA, but it is also developed by expert perfumers here as well.

Each bottle of this campfire fragrance oil features an easy-to-use dropper in the cap, so you don’t have to worry about spills when making your own scented products.

P&J Campfire Fragrance Oil

Much like the essential oil mentioned above, P&J Trading has their own line of camping inspired essential oils. The manufacturer recommends using this campfire fragrance oil to create your own campfire sprays, home cleaning products, or use it in an essential oils diffuser like this one.

P&J Campfire Fragrance Oil

The easy-to-use euro dropper cap makes creating your own campfire scented products a breeze and many customers rave about the chemical-free scent it produces.

Campfire Smoke Soy Melt Cubes For Diffusers

If your looking for a product that lasts longer than a campfire spray and easier to work with than the scented essential oils, consider campfire smoke soy melts for wax warmers and diffusers.

Campfire Smoke Soy Melt Cubes for warmers and diffusers

These “Made In The USA” soy melt cubes not only work in any wax warmer, but they will also fill your room, office, or RV with the cozy scent of a burning campfire for more than 50 hours.

Now you can enjoy the classic scent of burning wood, even with an electric or gas fireplace.

Campfire Smoke Soy Candle Tin

From the makers of the original campfire spray is this hand-poured campfire smoke scented candle. This 100% soy candle contains a lead-free wick and is claimed by the manufacturer to last at least 45 hours.

Campfire Smoke Candle Tin

Candeo Candle managed to combine a unique blend of essential oils and fragrance oils to create this authentic smelling campfire candle.

The 6oz tin container can be recycled or reused around the house or camper and is durable enough to handle anything you can throw at it.

Men’s “Before You Go” Campfire Spray

Last, and certainly not least on our list of campfire sprays is the Before You Go Toilet Spray by Outhouse. This campfire spray is for the guys that, simply put, create smells that can knock you out or strip paint off the walls when they use the toilet.

Before You Go Bathroom Campfire Spray

All the user needs to do is simply spray a spritz or two in the toilet before they have a seat, and voila. It works the same way that the famous “Poo pourii” works by replacing that horrible, gut-wrenching smell with the soothing aromas of a crackling campfire or bonfire.

The 8oz spray bottle is enough for up to 400 “sprays” and is proudly made in the USA.

In Conclusion

When it comes to bringing back long-lost memories, nothing works quite as well as a familiar scent. If some of your fondest memories include a campfire, fireplace, or bonfire, these campfire sprays and scents just might be what you need.

Campfires are not only warm and cozy, but they are also a place to gather with your friends and loved ones to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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