Hanging Out at Bridge Bait, Freeport, Texas

Bug'N Out Rv'N Bridge Bait, Freeport, TX

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If you ever find yourself traveling on Hwy. 332 through Freeport, Texas, take a few minutes to stop in to Bridge Bait. It is tucked just under the bridge that spans the Intercoastal Waterway from Freeport to Surfside Beach.

Bridge Bait is a great place to fish from the pier, watch the pelicans, or watch the massive barges pass by on their way to the local chemical plants. As you walk in, there are coolers full of various baits. They also have a huge cooler full of ice cold beer for to enjoy while you sit on the pier. Towards the back is where they keep the live bait.

Live Bait

The local fishing guides and charters stop in often to launch their boats, get their bait, and when the day is over, clean their fish. We ran into one of the local guides a few weeks ago from Flattie Daddy Fishing Adventures. He specializes in flounder, but only caught one on day we were there. Him and his customer had several Red fish instead. The pelicans line up waiting for the scraps to be thrown back as they clean fish.

Kellie and I caught some of the sarcastic banter that was going back and forth between fishermen and folks watching. Kellie asked the captain, “What did you use to catch all those fish?”. In unison the crew answered, “Fishing poles.”

Pelicans at Bridge Bait, Freeport, Texas

Another lady that was watching the fish cleaning asked, “Where did you catch them?”, to which a quick reply was, “In the mouth, every one of ’em.” Kellie and I could tell that these guys get those questions all of the time. They were a great group of guys that were making a living doing what they love.

The pier is scattered with picnic tables for you to sit, relax, and enjoy a few beers. Bridge Bait sits just across the bridge from Surfside Beach, so if you are ever boondocking at the beach, or RVing in one of the local RV parks, I highly recommend you stopping in for a little while. Bring your fishing poles, grab some bait, and enjoy the pier.

bridge bait freeport texas
Barge on the Intracoastal Waterway

Tell us what you think. Do you know of other places like Bridge Bait? If so, let us know in the comments below. We would love toy hear about it. We think these little places are amazing.

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