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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go Camping In Texas?

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Every year more and more adventure seekers are diving into the RV lifestyle, for both full-time living as well as spending the weekend with the family. Whatever the reason, one question that is frequently asked is, “What is the best time of year to go camping in Texas?” While we haven’t been RV camping in every part of the country, we have done our fair share of camping in Texas.

Brackenridge Park and Campground sign
Brackenridge Park and Campground

I grew up all over the world. My dad served in the Army and his years of service took our family to places I will never forget. As a kid, camping meant all-night fishing trips and of course, deer hunting excursions. Kellie on the other hand, grew up in a small town in Central Texas and spent the weekends with her family and close friends camping at the river or one of the local swimming holes.

We both learned a lot about the outdoors as well as the best time of year to go camping since we have been married. And most of those experiences have been across the great state of Texas.

In this post we are going to cover what to expect during each season if you will be camping in Texas. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Summer Camping In Texas

When I was in the Air Force, some of my fellow Airmen from the northern states would often comment that Texas has two seasons. Hot and hotter. If you are from Texas or have visited Texas, you already know that it does get hot here. July and August are some of the hottest months of the year. The summers in Texas can be brutal, especially on those days when the temperature is 98 degrees, or hotter, in the shade.

If you aren’t prepared, summer camping in Texas can be miserable. RV air conditioners have a very hard time keeping up with the summer heat. You will want to make sure you are up to date on your RV air conditioner maintenance before heading out. Outdoor activities are limited during the hottest parts of the day and campfires at night aren’t very pleasant to be around.

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Try to find an RV park or campground on a lake or next to a river. Or visit an RV resort with a swimming pool. When you start to get overwhelmed by the heat, you can always jump in the water to cool off. You might even consider a trip to the coast to visit Surfside Beach. With over 350 miles of coastline, I’m sure you will have no problem finding that perfect spot for all your camping needs.

RV parks and campgrounds fill up fast in the summer, so making your reservations early will be key to scoring the best sites.

Fall Camping In Texas

When the temperatures begin to drop in late September into October, you will find some of the best RV camping in Texas, especially Halloween camping. The mornings are just right for sitting out under your canopy enjoying that first cup of coffee or starting the fire for an awesome campfire breakfast.

Cooler temperatures bring more opportunities to get outside during the day and enjoy some family activities like hiking, fishing, or just hanging out at the campsite playing games. One of our favorite games to play is washers. But you can find all sorts of cool games to play with your family, like ladder golf or bean bag toss.

Even with the cooler temperatures, the water temperature at many Central Texas lakes is still warm enough to enjoy a little bit of swimming or fishing. You can find several RV parks and campgrounds around Stillhouse Hollow Lake as well as Belton Lake. You can find more information and make your reservations here.

camping in texas at belton lake
floating on Belton Lake, Belton Texas

Fall camping in your RV is also a great time of the year to go camping if you are going to be doing any boondocking. The mild days allow you to open the windows in your RV and stay comfortable without needing you’re A/C.

Winter Camping In Texas

Winters in Texas are generally mild, depending on what part of Texas we’re talking about. The coastal region of Texas stays warmer than the Texas panhandle. If you are planning to do any winter camping in Texas, pick your location with this in mind. Temperatures can get well below freezing in the northern part of state as opposed to temperatures in the mid 30’s to 40’s along the coast.

We took our RV to Barefoot RV Park a few years ago during one of the winter months and we almost froze to death one night. Of course, we made the mistake of not checking our RV propane levels before went and ran out in the middle of a very cold night. If you ever plan to visit Barefoot RV Park, make sure you call ahead and make reservations. Not only is it a very popular Hill Country hotspot for camping, but it is also often closed to the public during deer season.

Barefoot RV Park Texas RV Camping
Barefoot Campground

Winter is a great time of the year to find great deals on RV rentals. So, if you prefer to get out during the colder months, when RV parks and campgrounds are less crowded, this would be the perfect time to check out peer-to-peer RV rentals through rentals agencies like RV Share. Not sure how to go about renting an RV? Don’t worry, you can check out our post, How To Rent An RV, Step By Step to walk you through the entire process.

Spring Camping In Texas

Spring camping in Texas one of our favorite times of the year to go camping. Not only are the day-time temperatures ideal for anything you may want to do, but you also get the pleasure of seeing the wildflowers along the Texas highways.

You probably have or know someone who has taken pictures on the side of the road sitting in the bluebonnets. A word of caution, although these pictures are an iconic part of Texas and spring, they are also a favorite place for snakes to hang out. With that in mind, be extra cautious before laying down in these fields of flowers to get your yearly Easter photos.

Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Bluebonnets

Texas State Parks are a great place to camp during the spring months. You can save a ton of money by getting a Texas State Parks Pass, especially if you plan to visit several parks during the year. Not only do you not have to pay the day use fees, but you also get your campsite or RV site for half-price on your second night. Kellie and I save a lot of money every year by using ours. For a family of four or five, the savings can really add up.

Much like fall camping in Texas, springtime in Texas is a great time to save some money on RV sites by boondocking.

In Conclusion

So, when is the best time of year to go RV camping in Texas? I think that all depends on what you like. If you prefer the colder months, then winter will probably be the best time for you. If you like the sweltering heat, then you would probably opt for the summer months. Texas is a very large state which provides endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, family fun, and making lasting memories.

For us, spring and fall are the best time of the year to go camping in Texas.

What are your thoughts? What is your favorite time of year to go camping? Leave us comment below and let us know.

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