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Best RV Campgrounds (How To Score The Best Sites)

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It’s time to take the family out for a great weekend of camping, fishing, or kayaking. You do a basic Google search for the best RV campgrounds near me, or you visit your favorite RV park website to make your reservations. Then it happens, you find that the best RV sites, or ALL the RV sites are booked for months. Sound familiar? What normally happens is you either cancel your camping trip or you spend hours upon hours searching for another campground. What if I told you that Kellie and I have found a fool proof way around this? Granted you may have to make a few adjustments in your schedule. But what if it meant getting that perfect waterfront site that you and your family really want?

Reserve The Best RV Campgrounds During Off-Peak Weekends

Kellie and I have used this “trick” several times over the years and it has yet disappoint. Now I know this sounds obvious and you might even think there is no “trick” to it. Let me explain what I mean by “off-peak” weekends. We all know that unless you reserve your site for July 4th a year in advance, you most likely will not find one. That is probably the busiest weekend of the year for RV camping, besides Memorial Day of course. Instead of trying to reserve your camp site for the popular weekend, try a weekend before of after. By doing so you greatly increase your chances of finding a great site.

Class C Motorhome camping in the woods

Would you like me to tell you the absolute best weekend we have found for finding the best RV campground reservations? It is the weekend after Labor Day. Why? Labor Day weekend is the last weekend of summer break. The week following Labor Day is when everybody goes back to school, back to work, or back to college. Trust me when I tell you that you will most likely have plenty of sites to choose from.

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Reserve During The Week

Another great way to reserve the best RV campgrounds is to reserve during the week. If your job offers vacation, try taking off Monday and Tuesday, and reserve your site for Sunday afternoon. As you are coming into the campground, everyone else is on their way back home to get ready for the workweek ahead. Of course, this may be challenging if you have children in school. You might just have to let them miss a day or two. I’m sure the kiddos wouldn’t mind.

If you decide to reserve your site the week after Labor Day, you just might have the entire park to yourselves. Kellie and I rented a cabin several years ago at South Shore Park in Bastrop Texas for the week after Labor Day. When we woke up Tuesday morning, we were the only campers in the park, other than the camp host. We had full reign of the park.

If you will be traveling to a well-known destination, like Surfside Beach in Texas, you can try less popular campgrounds near there. For instance, Brazoria Lakes RV Resort is just 25 miles or so from Surfside Beach. You may not have one of the best RV campgrounds on the beach, but you will only have a short distance to drive for a day at the beach.

Site 149 at Brazoria Lakes RV Resort

Choosing The Best RV Site

If you happen to find yourself reserving a site at an unfamiliar park, how do you know which sites are the best? There are a few tips for choosing the best sites at the best RV campgrounds. You can always look at the park map if it is available on their website. This route doesn’t always give you the best information as far as shade trees, etc. The best way we have found is to visit the park before your trip. This only works if your destination is close to home.

Most of our weekend camping trips are within an hour drive from our house, so visiting the park ahead of time is easy for us. Another great way to check out the topography of the park is using Google Earth or Google Maps. In Google Maps you can select the satellite view and it will show you more of an overview of the RV park. You can then compare the park map to the satellite view to choose the site that is best for you.

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Conclusion On Reserving The Best RV Campgrounds

Whichever tip you decide to try out, the most important thing is to get out and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Trying to reserve a site at the best RV campgrounds shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor. It should be a stress free as camping itself. If you are willing to make a sacrifice or two, or adjust your schedule a little, I’m sure you can reserve that perfect spot for a weekend full of making memories. Make sure to check out, Weekend RV Tips, 5 Ways To Make Your Trip Easier. If renting an RV is an option for you, check out How To Rent An RV.

Do you have any tips for reserving the best RV campgrounds? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know.

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