Barefoot RV Park

Barefoot RV Park and Campground, The Hill Country’s Hidden Gem

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Nestled deep in the heart of Hill Country Texas lies an RV park second to none. So far, Barefoot RV Park and Campground has to be one our most favorite getaways to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Barefoot offers picturesque views, majestic cliffsides, and a peaceful serenity most people only dream of. It is located in Bend, Texas, on the banks of the Colorado River somewhere between Lampasas, Texas and San Saba, Texas.

Arriving At Barefoot RV Park

The only store for miles is the Bend General Store. They offer pretty much anything you would need for your stay, except gas. It’s also a great place to find one-of-a-kind homemade jellies, salsas, pickled anything, etc. I just picked up a bottle of Habanero Ketchup last time we were there. While you’re there pick up a t-shirt or a sticker.

Bend General Store, Bend Texas
Bend General Store

The park has around 38 or so RV spots and a handful of tent camping sites. There is a community bathroom with showers within walking distance of the RV sites. There are several activities to enjoy such as fishing, hiking along the river, tubing, kayaking, etc. The park also offers a lodge that you can rent out for your special occasions.

Quite time is 10 P.M., and trust me, the park host will definitely let you know if you are violating this rule.

The fellow campers are always a pleasure to meet. The first time we visited Barefoot was for a loss in the family. We couldn’t afford to stay in the nearby hotels in San Saba, Texas, so we hooked up our rig and stayed here. It was getting cold one evening and one of our neighboring RVers offered us all of the campfire stew we could eat.

Meeting New Friends

We just finished up another wonderful weekend here just a few weeks ago. We met up with some camping buddies we had met at another RV campground a few weeks prior. Jim and Linda, father and daughter. He is in his 70’s and she is closer in age to Kellie and I. You can read more about them in my post Somerville Marina and Campground.

Barefoot RV Park, Bend Texas
Colorado River, Bend, Texas

We met Bo and Melody on this trip. They are from Big Spring, Texas. These folks are a real hoot, to say the least. Bo walks up to me while I was digging around in the back of our truck and says, “Man we drove all this way to get here and forgot to bring any food or beer.” I really thought he was serious so I offered to make him a sandwich and offered him a beer. He declined and said he was just kidding.

Later in the day we met his wife, Melody. Evidently the “We have no food” line is one of his favorite ice breaker lines to meet people. We all had a blast for the rest of the weekend and exchanged info on the last day there. Just the other day, Kellie and I got a message from Bo asking if we were ready to meet up again somewhere in the middle. We live on the Texas Gulf Coast, they live in West Texas. We are in the early planning stages of that trip now and are really looking forward to meeting up again.

Conclusion On Barefoot RV Park

So, if you are looking for a great place to RV, we highly recommend Barefoot RV Park. You will not be disappointed. You can visit their website and make reservations here. They have some of the lowest rates around. Just make sure they are open, November and December they are closed for the deer hunters.

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