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Average Price Of A Travel Trailer (with 10 examples)

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What is the average price of a travel trailer? The answer to that question is going to depend on a few different factors. First, what are your individual needs? What amenities are you looking for? Is the quality of construction important to you? What I mean is this, if you are looking for a travel trailer with slide-outs, outdoor kitchen, or stainless-steel appliances, you will pay more, on average, than you would for a basic camper trailer with not much more than a bed and appliances. With that in mind, I am here to help. In this post, I am going to cover the average price of a travel trailer, with 10 examples, as well as cover the best time of the year to buy a new travel trailer. Let’s jump in.

Build Quality

One major factor that affects the average price of a travel trailer is the quality of the build. For instance, Airstream is well known across the industry for building very high-quality travel trailers. On the other hand, a manufacturer like Coleman will be more affordable at the dealership because the build quality isn’t that great.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Coleman or any other manufacturer. I’m simply trying to give you an idea how the average price of a travel trailer can range from $14,000 to well over $90,000. Kellie and I have a Kodiak and the build quality just doesn’t compare to a Winnebago or an Airstream.

At the end of the day, however, all travel trailers are built very similar to one another. The differences are in the material manufacturers use for construction. Some travel trailer manufacturers use fiberglass siding while others use aluminum. Kitchen cabinets can be lightweight wood or heavier, higher quality wood. The average price of a travel trailer will even be determined by the plumbing fixtures used. Some travel trailers are equipped with plastic faucets, while others will have shiny, metal faucets. All of these factors will have an impact on the price.

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Amenities Affect The Average Price Of A Travel Trailer

Some travel trailer models will have certain amenities that will affect the average price of a travel trailer. These travel trailers are built with outdoor entertainment in mind. A travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen or a TV outside will naturally cost more than a camper without these. Other luxury minded amenities like automatic levelers and fireplaces will also greatly affect the average price. Now, if you are looking for just a simple, bare-bones travel trailer, you can expect to pay considerably less than the previously mentioned rigs.

Other Fees That Affect The Price

Dealerships will often try to hide certain fees in the total price of your new travel trailer. Just be aware of these fees and make sure you ask plenty of questions regarding those fees. When Kellie and I bought our Kodiak, we encountered a few dealerships that would try to tack on a $400 charge that they referred to as “make ready”. When we asked about it, we found out that they were going to charge us for installing the battery, filling the propane tanks, and pulling the travel trailer around to the front lot. For a brand new travel trailer, we were under the impression that those “make ready” fees would be included in the purchase price. Check out What You Need To Know About RV Dealerships for more tricks they try to use.

Average Price Of A Travel Trailer

Now that we covered the basics of what affects the average price of a travel trailer, let’s break it down into similar campers and find out the average price.

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Travel Trailers Over 25’

The travel trailers in this section are all over 25’ in length and have similar amenities and sleeping arrangements. Keep in mind that the price listed is a suggested retail price, the dealership will determine the final price.

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Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 20RDSE

This travel trailer comes in at 25’. It is manufactured with wood studs and is covered with aluminum siding. The Grey Wolf sleeps 4, with a queen-sized bed and a convertible dinette. This basic travel trailer has no slide-outs and is equipped with all the essential amenities you need to hit the road.

MSRP – $29,000

Cruiser RV Radiance Ultra Lite 25RB

This travel trailer sleeps 5 and is equipped with a large slide-out which maximizes the interior space. It is constructed with an aluminum that is covered with Azdel fiberglass siding. The fully molded front fiberglass nose cap gives it a clean sleek look when being towed to your favorite campground.

MSRP – $34,500

Palomino Puma 26RBSS

This rig features a large slide-out, private bedroom, and a residential sized refrigerator. This travel trailer also features a fully enclosed underbelly and outdoor speakers that are perfect for entertaining. With a length of 29.83’, this rig sleeps up to 6 making it the perfect camper for a small family.

MSRP – $33,900

Forest River Wildwood 22RBS

This travel trailer is the perfect couple’s camper. It features a queen-sized bed and a huge walk-in shower. This travel trailer sleeps 4 and has a length of 26.11’ and includes amenities such as exterior speakers, large kitchen pantry, and a fully enclosed, heated underbelly.

MSRP – $ 34,900

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH

This unit measures 31’ in length, sleeps up to 6, and includes one slide-out. The slide-out contains a convertible dinette and there is an added bunkhouse at the rear of this coach. This Micro Minnie has all the basic amenities for a quick camping trip or an extended camping vacation.

MSRP – $33,400

As you can see, the average price for a travel trailer over 25’ is right at $31,900, based on these examples.

Travel Trailers Under 25’

These travel trailers are under 25’ and are considered to be the perfect starter camper. In addition, these travel trailers are able to be towed with a half-ton truck or an SUV in many cases.

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K-Z Sportsman Classic 170MB

 At 22’, this travel trailer is far from being cramped. The murphy bed allows you to pull it down at night and fold it up during the day to maximize interior space. This unit sleeps 3 and has a dry weight of 2,910 pounds. This travel trailer also features a two-burner stove, refrigerator, and a microwave for cooking your favorite meals.

MSRP – $24,995

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 195RB

With a length of 21.83’ and a dry weight of 3,030 pounds, this travel trailer can be towed by a mid-sized truck or an SUV. This camper sleeps 3 and features a wood frame with aluminum siding. The 10’ powered awning and exterior speakers make this the perfect camper for relaxing outside and enjoying your favorite tunes.

MSRP – $20,500

Forest River Cherokee Pup 14CC

This travel trailer is one of the most basic campers you can find. But don’t let that fool you. At 19’, this camper has plenty to offer. The Forest River Pup sleeps 3 and has a unique rear entry door and is equipped with a 13’ powered awning for relaxing outside. Best of all, you can pick this new travel trailer up for a great price.

MSRP – $19,900

Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 177RB

This Kodiak Cub sleeps 4 and has total length of 21.5’. It features a walk-around queen bed at the front of the coach and a centrally located kitchen and booth style dinette. Other included amenities include a powered awning, powered roof vents, and a spare tire kit.

MSRP – $25,500

Gulf Stream Amerilite 199DD

This Gulf Stream Travel Trailer measures 21’ and has a sleeping capacity of up to 6. There are no slide-outs, but it does feature a double bunk at the rear of the coach. With a dry weight of 3,100 pounds, this camper can be towed by most vehicles, making it the perfect camper for a small family.

MSRP – $19,800

If you are looking for a small lightweight travel trailer, you can expect to pay an average price of $22,139, based on these examples.

Best Time Of The Year To Buy A New Travel Trailer

Not only does the size, amenities, and build quality affect the average price of a travel trailer, but the time of year is a factor as well. During the spring and early summer months, the demand for campers is high as families look to spend the summer camping. Therefore, the price will typically be higher.

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The winter months will be the best time to purchase a new travel trailer. Demand is low because in most parts of the country camping season is over. Dealerships are beginning to receive the next year’s models and they will normally offer deep discounts on existing models.

In Conclusion

The average price of a travel trailer is dependent of several factors. However, for a typical family type camper, the average price is between $16,000 and $30,000. Of course, the needs of your family will determine which end of the spectrum you fall. Before making any new travel trailer purchase, do your diligence and research. You may have to travel a few hundred miles to get that once-in-a-lifetime deal, but in the end, it will be well worth it. A great resource for researching your next travel trailer is This website allows you to filter the results to match your individual needs as well as provide descriptions, MSRP, and features.

What are your thoughts on the average price of a travel trailer? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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