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8 Uncommon RV Essentials You May Not Know You Need

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If you do a basic Google search for RV essentials, you will find article after article showing you all the basic gear you will need. From hoses to water filters, wheel chocks to stabilizer pads, these are items that every RVer needs. But what about the less obvious RV essentials? There are several other items that you may not know you need, until you need them. This list is for those things most of us just don’t think of. For example, if you have an electric tongue jack on your rig, a weather cover is a must. We have been noticing the switch on our jack to raise and lower the tongue is beginning to go out due to the wet weather.

Outdoor RV Essentials

Mosquito Control

When it comes to RV camping, most of your time is spent outdoors. You relax under the canopy with coffee or an adult beverage, or enjoy lunch at the picnic table at your site. Sometimes there are circumstances that hinder your enjoyment outside. Take mosquitos for instance. Those pesky bugs can put a damper on any outdoor activity. But how do you control them? There are several ways to deal with them from foggers to yard sprays. Be careful with spraying chemicals around your campsite. Some State Parks and private parks do not allow the use of chemical sprays. Check with the office before spraying.

Another option is spray on bug repellent. It works yes, but I personally don’t care for it. Citronella Candles work well in some instances. If you would rather not use flames, smoke, or chemicals, Thermacell is the way to go. These are great for keeping mosquitos away and are available in several different colors.

Pop Up Canopy

Pop-Up Canopies provide a little extra protection from the sun and rain. We use ours nearly every time we take the RV out. When we took our trip to Sommerville Marina and Campground, we used our canopy to provide a little bit of shade by the lake. Well, we actually put in in the lake with our chairs to sit waist deep in the water and enjoy the boat parade. These are very easy to set-up and take down and store nice and neat in the basement storage of your RV.

Portable Grill

Cooking outside is a must when you’re camping. If your site doesn’t have a grill, you will need a portable grill. Portable grills can be considered RV essentials and can range in size and fuel type. Charcoal grills are my preferred way to go, however there is the issue of cleanup and dumping coals afterwards. Propane grills can be hooked up to your RV if you have the quick connect port. The portable grill we use is called Star Go Wide. We bought ours on Amazon a few years ago, but it is no longer available. If you are looking for a great grill for camping, check out our post, 5 Great Portable RV Grills.

RV Essentials
Portable Grill

RV Step Brace

Our Kodiak is pretty small and when you go in or out, stepping on the bottom step causes the RV to rock from side to side. Putting down the four corner stabilizer arms helps, but this RV step brace takes the rest of the rocking motion away.

Indoor RV Essentials

Fire Extinguisher

One of the most important RV essentials is a fire extinguisher. Most RVs come equipped with a small extinguisher located somewhere in the RV. Our is mounted right inside the door. If you have ever discharged it or if has lost it’s charge, REPLACE IT! You can check yours simply by looking at the gauge on the side close to the handle. If it is showing anything other than “fully charged”, it’s time for a new one. According to ARPRV, there are approximately 4,000 RV fires every year. The number 2 cause of these fires are RV refrigerators. The number one cause is engine compartment fires. Now is the time to upgrade your fire extinguisher collection. After all, our RVs are our second, if not first, home.


If there is one thing that can cause major havoc on your RVs interior, it’s humidity. We live on the Texas coast and the humidity here is terrible. Most days the air just feels, well, wet. Moisture causes all kinds of problems for your rig. It causes mold and mildew and breaks down the laminate on your cabinets. Ours is beginning to peel in certain places. Something like DampRid works if you are looking for an inexpensive solution. These are single use tubs that are refillable.

Board Games/Playing Cards

Like it or not, the weather has an impact on RVers all the time. It’s just something we can’t control, no matter how much we wish we could. If it were up to me, it would be sunshine, 75 degrees with low humidity everyday. When the weather turns to crap and there is just no way of getting outside, playing games is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Kellie and I have a stash of games in our dinette storage. We normally play things like cards, dice, or dominoes. Add a few games to your RV essentials checklist to keep the family entertained during inclement weather.

Conclusion Of RV Essentials You May Not Know You Need

There you have it. Our list of 8 uncommon things you may or may not have thought about. Like I said in the opening of this post, every “essential” gear list has the same common items. We all know we need water and sewer hoses. I just wanted to bring a few things to light that most of us never think about, until we need them.

Do you have any other suggestions to add to the list? I’m sure I’ve overlooked something. Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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