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5 Awesome Lightweight Campers Under 3,000 LBS

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RV camping isn’t reserved just for those that have hefty tow vehicles. In fact, manufacturers are increasingly producing more lightweight campers every year. Whether you drive an SUV, mini-van, Jeep, or crossover, there is a small travel trailer that will fit your needs. There are literally thousands of floor plans and RV brands on the market today. You could search for hours upon hours searching for that perfect camper. I have narrowed down the search down just a tad for you and made a list of lightweight campers that weigh under 3,000 pounds. These campers are perfect for towing behind any vehicle. Of course, as with anything you tow, check your vehicle’s specific towing capacity before hooking up and heading out.

As with just about everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of lightweight campers. Some key advantages are higher fuel economy of your tow vehicle, lower initial cost as compared to the larger travel trailers, and lower maintenance costs overall.

A few disadvantages to consider are being more susceptible to cross winds, as compared to the heavier rigs, smaller overall interior space, and fewer amenities than larger campers. To keep the weight down, you might have to sacrifice certain things like a full-sized kitchen, leather recliners, or fully equipped outdoor kitchens that the heavier travel trailers might have.

With that said, let’s jump in and take a look at our list of 5 awesome lightweight campers.

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Forest River R-Pod RP-171

To keep the weight down on this small travel trailer, it is manufactured with an aluminum frame and covered with fiberglass siding. Although it is small, the RP-171 offers many amenities to make your weekend getaway one for the books. Not only is this lightweight camper equipped with a wet-bath and enough room to sleep 4, it also provides it’s users with a small kitchen for making great meals. When you include an interior height of  6’ 6”, you can rest assured there is plenty of head room in this camper for even the tallest person. There are some additional options available for the R-Pod as well. These options include an upgraded A/C unit (15,000 BTU), 110W solar panel with inverter, and an R-Dome awning with screen room.

R Pod lightweight campers
Forest River

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 19′
  • Weight – 2,714 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 340 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 30 gal.
  • Gray Tank Capacity – 30 gal.
  • Black Tank Capacity – 30 gal.

Jayco JayFeather Micro 12SRK

The Jayco Micro 12SRK is one of the smaller lightweight campers available. Like the R-Pod, this small travel trailer is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and is covered with fiberglass siding. This camper sleeps up to 2 people, however, it is not equipped with a bathroom or shower, however, if you are camping in a developed campground, click here to learn how to tackle those campground showers like a pro. With options like a solar power package and side mounted, 8,000 BTU A/C, this small travel trailer is perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

Jayco JayFeather Small Travel Trailer

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 13.3′
  • Weight – 1,585 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 180 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 25 gal.

NuCamp TAB S

The NuCamp TAB is the iconic teardrop trailer. It is a small, lightweight camper that is perfect for two. Not only is this camper equipped with a galley kitchen, the U-shaped dinette converts into the perfect sleeping quarters. The bathroom is what is referred to as a “wet-bath” which means the toilet and shower are together. NuCamp gives you the option of three different graphics to choose from and trim colors to match your tow vehicle perfectly. For the really adventurous types, they also offer a Boondock package. This package comes with off-road tires, 15″ rims, heavy-duty axle, solar panel, and a custom, rear aluminum cage.

TAB S Camper
TAB S Floorplan

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 15′ 3″
  • Weight – 1,893 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 190 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 19 gal.
  • Gray Tank Capacity – 18 gal.
  • Black Tank Capacity – 5 gal.

Forest River No Boundaries NB 10.5

Don’t let this small, lightweight camper fool you. For it’s size, it is packed with everything you need for adventure. Not only does it come in under 2,000 lbs., it is also equipped with a 12V/110V refrigerator, queen bed, and a wrap-around awning. The Overlander Package also comes with a kayak rack and all-terrain tires, which makes these lightweight campers perfect for any Jeep or SUV. Other optional equipment includes 12V LED TV, snowboard/fishing rod holder, and a roof top tent for those night when you just want to sleep under the stars.

Lightweight Camper
No Boundaries Floorplan
No Boundaries

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 13′ 10″
  • Weight – 1,570 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight – 210 lbs.
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 30 gal.

Black Series Sargent Camper

The Sargent lightweight off-road camper is built with the beginner in mind and it features all the quality of higher end campers without the big price tag. The Black Series is equipped with a custom engineered independent suspension system that utilizes trailing arms to allow each wheel to move independently of each other. As a result, this technology provides a safer, smoother ride regardless of terrain. These lightweight campers are also equipped with four shocks instead of the standard two shocks found on most campers.

off road camper
Black Series

The deck of this camper hinges to allow for easy loading and unloading of all your camping gear. Mounted on top of the deck is a high-quality 12 ft. canvas tent that sets up in minutes and provides you with a true indoor/outdoor camping experience.

Additional Specs:

  • Length – 15′
  • Weight – 1,777 lbs.

Conclusion On Lightweight Campers

As you can see, if you don’t want to upgrade your tow vehicle, you can still enjoy the great outdoors and everything camping offers. Lightweight campers might be small, but they can give you a lot of the comforts that the huge RVs can, only at a fraction of the cost. Regardless of how big or small your camper is, the main goal is to get outside and make memories with your loved ones.

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